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Sitting in Silence

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

I love sitting in silence ~ doing nothing

It doesn’t mean I’m bored Or need something to do, — no

It’s a full expression of my presence and is an active state of BEing.

Doing nothing is something many fear, as they fear to face the mind and the daunting thoughts and feelings as they emerge once we put a stop to the constant act of DOing.

Doing distracts us, it separates us BEing unites us, it builds connection to self/source/others

So I love BEing in my DOing nothing

And in that kind of doing I get to lean-in into my senses and fine tune my awareness,

Untill I begin to slowly — feel bliss emerging through my body as a radiating ray of tingling warmth expands through my entire being.

I can feel it.

I can feel it — when it enters me, As I sit and receive,

Consciousness — filling me up with depth, love, grace.

And sometimes ~ silence begins to speak to me

I begin to hear far out worldly sounds, and then sounds turn into images, and images turn into insights, I breathe in and feel into the pulse of my heart, smell the warmth and sweetness of the burning beeswax candles

I tune in more, and connect with my BEingness I breath in — out — I surrender

Deeper into the chair as I begin to feel Eros brewing, activating through my senses, spiraling through my body filling me up

For I pray I am Whole, Holy & Complete

Expanding into bliss I spread this erotic nectar through my body with awareness

Caressing my skin with intention of the energy, I internally thank my temple in loving adoration, and appreciation

I honor this life, this body, and all of my expressions.

The wild and holy — the Sacred and the Savage!

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