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Gods Vision

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

As I take the reigns of my life And connect to my yearning of being a good wife

I witness myself move through dimensions of past hurts, wounds, and blind perceptions

I see all the men that came my way, And the lessons that God was trying to convey

In my deep shadow work, I found the Light The hope, the blessings that helped to ignite

The remembrance to return back to God To read through his words and find the spark

To read between the lines and take what resonates I found hope and the keys to the golden gates

For I am the one who holds the key To my freedom, love, abundance and peace

Peace and love is destiny for all But how deep are you willing to fall

Fall through the collective fear False Evidence Appearing Real

I challenge you to trust and fall deep God will catch you on the other side of collective sleep

Try to see beyond the illusion of division Have the courage to stand for a higher vision

Hold the essence of love, peace, and truth Connect to your joy, innocence, and infinite youth

And remember God has a vision for those who are brave enough to walk under his provision.

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