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Come close & and personal in this vocal diary of a Tantrika, sharing intimate thoughts, experiences, and insights. Tune in for conscious & and enlightening conversations on topics of spirituality, self-development, holistic wellness, relationships, emotional well-being, tantra, sacred sexuality, and more! Each episode is personally woven with truth, insights and lessons as well as tools for healing, conscious relating and tantric lifestyle.

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Interview with Mike DiCioccio

Aly Light joins MikedUp for a candid and liberating discussion on communication, individualism, sex and self love. As a tantric lifestyle teacher and advocate for conscious relationships, she is making space for deeper communication between men and women, and the individuality coupled with true connection required in a healthy sexual and spiritual relationship.


In this conversation Aly shares her advice for men who too often are plagued by the addiction of pornography and how communication and self love can be a pathway to freedom. This episode is unique and perhaps essential for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and anyone who is so focused on a career that tends to both neglect healthy sexual relationships and communication in exchange for potentially damaging, self-sabotaging loneliness that has little to do with true intimacy or connection.

Image by Biel Morro

Priestess Talks with Holly


Tune in for this sexy fun and deep dive into the world of Temple Priestess as I share perspectives with my siseter Holly Turiya, Holly is a Tantric Intimacy coach and we both are guides in the field of Tantra, sacred sexuality, and Temple culture, and we want to give you a behind the scenes peak into the temple doors. In our chats, our desire is to give you a deeper understanding on Temple culture, and how this space can serve powerful liberation and transformation in your sexuality and love.

In today's episode discover:
🌹 What is a Temple Priestess on the path of sacred sexuality?
🌹 How Tantra has transformed our relationship to the Divine Feminine
🌹 How Temple culture can help you dissolve shame + conditioning around sexuality

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