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Goddess Alaya Moon aka Aly Light is a passionate teacher, healer, writer, devotee and a sensual Muse who loves to explore all things tantra, spirituality, cosmic origins, shamanism, and embodiment as it relates to the ancient Temple Arts in today's modern world.

Aly's journey of awakening began around 2012 when she started questioning reality, her purpose and feeling like something was missing. Her search began with her leaving her corporate job, moving to a different state and pursuing the whispers of her heart. 
Over the years her journey took her on a complete mind-body-soul transformation. Aly changed her ways of living and being as she dove deep into holistic wellness, mindfulness and self-reflection practices. She studied everything possible to understand her self and reality at a deeper level. She re-connected to her Spirit and awakened her spiritual gifts through conscious healing, sacred plant medicine, intentional clearing and activation work. Aly created daily practices and rituals that supported her in raising the vibration, which led her to manifest a beautiful and empowered life. 
Aly has a BA in Design and Marketing as well as certifications in life coaching, holistic wellness, yogaYTT200, vibrational energy & sound healing, Reiki, and Tantra. She also completed ISTA L1 & L2 as well as Gratitude Leadership training program.
She works 1:1 with clients offering personalized healing sessions, as well as group events and educational workshops.

Aly truly took it upon herself and her inner voice to bring spirituality in a sacred and divine way into all parts of her personal and business life and is now happily sharing her knowledge and wisdom with her community.
Her personal journey of sexual awakening and steering into Tantra began in 2018, you can read more in her blog "My Tantric Awakening". Although this work is relatively new in this lifetime, Alaya feels a deep soul connection to this path and pulls ancient wisdom from her heart which allows her to share truly phenomenal and authentic Tantric work. 
Aly loves to help people awaken and feel deeply into their bodies, disconnect from the mind and find that inner peace and Love that so many of us crave.
She is a benevolent Light Being whose purpose is to support humanity in the awakening process by being a Beacon of light, hope, and inspiration. As she steps into her authentic path and shares her unique expression, it is her hope that others will follow into finding theirs.
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