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Each session with Alaya is an intimate, delightful, euphoric, and sensual journey into yourself.
You will be held in a sacred container where you can fully surrender, let go and allow yourself to receive gifts of the Goddess. As a healer and your guide, she will share deep conversations, Feminine presence, energy, sensuality, sound, breath, prayers, and adore you in healing and soothing Tantric touch.
After each session, you will feel nourished, lavished and brought back to your natural state of peace, balance, and joy; a place from which your heart can expand and you can step deeper into your truth, purpose, and remembrance of Divine Love!

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New clients are invited into the journey of Tantric Initiation as a welcome into the Sacred Muse Healing Arts Temple.


This is a 2+hr Tantric Bodywork session which will introduce you to the world of Tantric principles of breath, meditation, energy, awareness, intention, and LifeForce activations. This session will bring you the foundational knowledge towards becoming a Tantric lover and a more realized and empowered individual.


Suggested Donation

Tantric Initiation

"Alaya is truly a magician. If you’re a student and practitioner of tantra you need to spend some time with her. And even if you’re not but you’re curious, you need to spend some time with her. It will help you and all whom your love and care about. She will guide you where you need to go. My time with her was sensual, spiritual, mystical."

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Goddess Guidance

This offer is for you if you seek spiritual guidance, intimacy mentorship and support along with Tantra & Sacred Sexuality education.

This monthly offer includes

2 - 60 minute video calls

with text+voice support in between

via Signal or Telegram.

$500 one month

$800 two months

$1100 three months


Sacred Musings
for return clients

A custom retreat away from the chaos of the busy world into a Sacred Portal guided by the Muse. You'll be taken on a sensual journey of connection, play, healing and awakening!

Your time will expand on Tantric Initiation principles as you'll move into deeper states of presence and awareness. 


"“Alaya was the perfect guide for us to learn about Tantra and how we can better our connection and bring back our dried up intimacy. We are now excited to incorporate new tools into our life. Her rituals are truly magical and her energy is very welcoming.”
“I didn't know what to expect, but I knew I had some work to do around intimacy and my ability to open up. Alaya was gentle and kind, she coached me through my self-esteem issues and gave me tools for working and healing through my emotional blocks. ”

Sacred Confidant

For those who want a custom 1:1 experience.

Do you desire a Goddess in your life to remind you that you are more than your hard work, you are more than struggle, striving, and stress. Do you want to be reminded of your power, courage, and strength, the beauty & magic of this life? Do you want to remember that you are a God/Goddess worthy of devotional love & worship? 


A traditional therapist might be too clinical, a life coach too serious. How can you have accountability, empowerment, fun, pleasure, and play?

As your private confidant, Alaya will serve you in ways that will fill and nourish your Mind, Body & Soul.

Allow Alaya to become your private confidant, your Muse and Goddess in devotion and service to you and your deepest desires, holding your fears, struggles and purpose tenderly as she helps you navigate the flow of life offering you grace, compassion, softness, and Feminine wisdom. 

Alaya will not only inspire your heart, and mind, she will bring awakening and healing to your Soul! 

Monthly retainer starts



Tantra for couples


Tantric Union Ritual

A special treat for you and your beloved to explore the realms of Tantric love & connection guided by The Muse herself. You will rekindle the attraction, feel more intimacy, and fall in love again, all while learning and experiencing new tools and practices for an extraordinary intimate life!  

This is a slow, sensual and customizable session for you and your beloved. Please contact Alaya to discuss your personal goals and desires.


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Dive into a portal of sensual celebration, play, and intimate relating. 

Our family of Sensual Ceremonialists will take you and your friends on a luxurious & mystical adventure hosted by the Royal Court of Tantric Ministry.


One-of-a-kind Tantric Initiations, Sacred Temple Play & Royal Massage Parties for special occasions and sensual surprises.

The Royal Tantric
Court Experience

“After experiencing Tantric sessions with several other providers, I can honestly say this was the most in-depth experience I ever had.”

James, CEO 

"I have been seeing Alaya on multiple occasions and must say that her presence is truly a-Muse-ing. She is beautiful, nurturing, and insightful. I had several energy healing sessions so far and I feel her work has greatly contributed to my spiritual awakening and healing process."

David, Investor 

"Alaya was the perfect guide for us to learn about Tantra and how we can better our connection and bring back our dried up intimacy. We are now excited to incorporate new tools into our life.”"

Lisa & Jay, Couple

“Tantric Ritual with Alaya was extremely profound. From the moment I arrived, I felt held. She has a gentleness that is nurturing and healing and the massage was unlike any I have had before. By the end, I was in a trancelike state and had breakthroughs around my issues with receiving. I experienced my heart open and felt love in a new way.”

Nathan, CEO

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