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Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Hello Beloved how have you been? It's been a while I wonder what’ve you seen?

Walking this plane together at last I see the cosmic joke of God's enthusiasm

The heart of God that beats within us Helping us move through temptation and lust Learning all over again how to trust

I hope you know I was hurt deeply The way you left and abandoned me swiftly

God knows there is karmic penalty For your words & actions were not in integrity

I know you're alright you're doing your part Honoring your purpose, your truth, creating a fresh start

I know you feel me, for I am in you Together forever we live in each other Divine expressions of cosmic Father and Mother

I love writing these words as they pour out of me For several weeks I've been clear, focused and cannabis free

May this inspiration enlighten your heart May my words arouse and active the Divine spark

For you to remember I'm never far away For we have chosen for now to stay away

Stay away from the love and passion we hold From the immature fights, pain and hurt that was told

Till our maturity grows stronger And we evolve enough to finally be ready to conquer

For you and I are destined for great things Whether together or not, I have my own wings

You know I'll be flying with or without you For I trust in Divine and what's meant for me will come through

I patiently wait for the Kings to mature, To get a grip on their lives, heal and find the cure

The years of suppression, divisions, manipulation All added up to toxic expressions that caused our separation

The Divine Union is upon this Earth Whether in person or in the inner-birth

The birth of love and recognition between you and me through dimensions, timelines, and ego we both can feel.

I stand in my truth, my Light and my hope I pray daily for you and the men of this Earth

For the love that is meant to be, Will find its way through all the darkness

back to one Soul that was split between you & me.

~Poetry from the Soul

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