Welcome to Sacred Muse Tantra

A place where Spirituality, meets Sexuality
and Pleasure is the medicine!

Hi, Im Alaya
your modern-day Temple Priestess 

I help my clients get out of their heads and drop into their bodies, as they tune in to their senses and access deep states of relaxation, pleasure and sexual energy activation. I do this by performing beautiful rituals with the incorporation of Sacred Tantric Bodywork.

I serve as a Priestess and Initiator on the Tantric path, guiding men, women & couples back towards innocence, freedom, joy and fulfillment.

I work with the healing sexual energy of pleasure which is our birthright. It has the power to tap into the deepest parts and create healing on a multidimensional levels.

The medicine of pleasure and orgasmic energy has enough potency to burst through lifetimes of trauma and bring one to a place of deep inner healing filling them with clarity, joy, energy & vitality.
Sexual energy is our life force energy, and when we learn how to harness it & move it in new and conscious ways, we are able to undergo profound transformation, within & without. 
Most of us have sadly been cut off from this medicine and with it our innate power and ability to be our fullest, most vibrant, ecstatic selves.

I am here to awaken and bring Sacredness to human sexuality, teach the art of conscious relating, authentic connection, conscious pleasure practices, Tantric techniques for healing and transforming and to remind humanity that life is meant to be lived blissfully, joyfully and Ecstatically!

I guide and give my clients tools and knowledge to reconnect with their bodies and develop a deeply sacred and fulfilling relationship with their sexuality so that they can fully taste the beauty and Bliss of life.

Ready to experience my Sacred Bodywork?

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