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Meet the


aka Alaya Moon



Hi Im Aly
your modern-day Temple Priestess, Tantric Intimacy Expert & LifeForce Activator. 

I curate transformative, shamanic and activating experiences for those of you who desire to go deeper into the exploration of who you are.

My intention is to assist you in opening your heart and reconnecting to your Soul through divine pleasure, sweetness, and innocence. I do this by performing intentional rituals with the incorporation of my signature Sacred Sensual Bodywork.  

I am passionate about connection, touch, energy, and intimacy and the path of Tantra creates space for all of that to be explored. I facilitate Tantric 1:1 & group experiences where I take you on a journey back into your SoulHeartBody through presence, connection, touch, play, and LifeForce energy activation.

I believe it is our birthright to be in high states of bliss, joy, clarity, and pleasure. In my philosophy Tantric life is about finding pleasure in the mundane through exploring & awareness of our senses. With child-like curiosity, innocence, and presence we have access to an ocean of undiscovered potential of mystery, pleasure & healing within our bodies & each other. 

I am here to bring back ancient Temple Arts with a modern twist, manifesting a world where we remember how to love each other and
our Earth. To embody the living examples of God/Goddess and to walk this plane with reverence claiming the dominium over our life, our sex, our abundance and our creative power!

I pray for the healing of our sacred lands, purity of our waters & clarity of the air. May all men, women and children of this plane be protected by Gods grace, may our hearts be filled with the warmth of compassion, our mind with pure healthy thoughts, & our bodies with the light of the cosmic sun, so that we may all remember who we are! 

In Devotion to Love, Truth & Wisdom.

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 Whether you're a couple seeking to rekindle your passion or a single soul searching for pleasure, healing, purpose and fulfillment, I'm here to guide you on your Tantric journey.

Curious, Excited or Ready?
Image by Biel Morro

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