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Sacred Intimacy Practice ~ Valentines Gift 🎁

Did you know that intimacy is often described as "into me I see," emphasizing the deep connection and understanding that occurs when partners allow themselves to be truly seen and understood by each other.

And for that we first need to know, see and understand ourselves. Which is where white tantra, self-love and self-development plays a big role.

Our ability to create relational depth, with vulnerability and authenticity depends on our ability to experience that within ourself + having knowledge and tools for how to do so.

If you ever find yourself in a boring, disconnected and unfulfilled relational season, my advise would be to first look in the mirror and ask:

how can I improve, show up and serve my partner better?

After all you're choosing them to be part of your path, and I hope that choice is conscious and intentional.

In this post I will share a practice that helps to build emotional connection with your partner. However if you are single you may still do this exercise but do it solo in front of a mirror. Pretend you are connecting with God'ddessSelf.

I will be sharing a timed practice 20-30min OR longer if need to be, and is best if done at least once a week as a connection ritual.

Each person gets to ask a question,

actively listen to the reply,

end with saying "Thank you for sharing"

and then switch to ask the question.

Active listening is a communication technique that involves fully concentrating, understanding, responding, and remembering what is being said. It goes beyond simply hearing the words spoken by the other person; it requires a genuine effort to comprehend their message, both the verbal and nonverbal cues, and to provide feedback, validation or resolution if need to be based on your understanding of the speaker's message. Positive feedback reinforces the speaker's confidence and encourages continued open communication.

Emotional Check-In Practice:

  1. Set aside dedicated time to connect with your partner without distractions. Choose a quiet, comfortable space where you can have a meaningful conversation.

  2. Begin by sitting in front of each other crossed legged if accessible (nude to make things sassy) and take few moments to breathe and ground together. Visualize light energy all around you and call in your highest SoulHeart into the space. Feel gratitude for your partner, smile, acknowledging their presence in your life.

  3. Partner A begins the practice going through the following questions, after each question, Partner B says "Thank you for sharing" and switch. #1 What was the highlight of your day/week? #2 Was there anything challenging about your day/week? #3 In what ways could I have showed up for you better this week? #4 I really love when you ______ and it makes me feel ______. #5 Discuss something you would like to do more of together.

  4. Take turns sharing your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Be honest and vulnerable, sharing both the positive and challenging aspects.

  5. Practice active listening, giving your partner your full attention and validating their emotions. Avoid interrupting or offering solutions; instead, focus on empathizing with their perspective.

  6. Reflect on what you've learned about each other during the check-in and discuss ways to support each other moving forward. Express your commitment to being there for each other through life's ups and downs.

  7. End the check-in with a hug, kiss, or other physical gesture of affection, reinforcing your connection and closeness as a couple.

By regularly engaging in practices like the Emotional Check-In, you can deepen your bond, improve communication, and strengthen the intimacy in your relationship.

I am passionate about preservation of the Family Unit and I love supporting couples through their awakening and transformation! My team & I host fabulous tantra and sacred play events, to stay updated on our magical experiences apply here:

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