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Importance of February

February is a very special month!

#1 It is my BeEarth day month 

#2 It has significant numerological and astrological alignments

#3 It is a month before the BEArthing!

And so lets get into it….

On February 24th I will be turning sacred 33, and lately I’ve been into Numerology study. 

33 is a master number and is known as the master teacher or uplifter. 33 is a powerhouse of creative energy and possibility motivated by genuine love and compassion for people around it and the world.

Turning 33 is significant because it symbolizes accomplishment, a burst of success, or a milestone. It signifies the power to make changes of great magnitude. It is also when Jesus was crucified and so I am feeling into a big potent year of success and accomplishments as move deeper into my life’s purpose and embody more of my truth. 

February 24 will be a powerful day of Virgo Full Moon perfect time with Ritual and Intention setting! And so I want to take advantage of this alignment.

For my BeEarth day I desire an Epic Tantric Celebration.

I want to rent out an awesome AirBB and invite my closest tribe for a night of Celebration, Healing and Play. And I am opening space for 1 or 2 Guardians to sponsor my birthday in exchange for an opportunity to join me and my tribe and witness me in ecstatic joy! To apply to be My Guardian please click here.

As we step into the month of February, we find ourselves immersed in a spiritually and astrologically charged atmosphere. Here's a glimpse of the cosmic events that make this month significant:

1. 2/2 Portal in Scorpio: The moon is currently in Scorpio, ushering us into a portal of polarity, transformation, and union codes with higher etheric forces. It's a time to embrace the profound energies and delve into the depths of self-discovery.

2. 2/9 - New Moon in Aquarius and Lunar New Year of the Dragon: This marks a powerful alignment with the new moon in Aquarius and the onset of the Lunar New Year of the Dragon. It is a Year of the Wood Dragon and is believed to be able to foster growth, progress and abundance, and is a good year to build a solid foundation for something new with long-term potential.The energy is grounded, urging us to be responsible and determined in reaching our goals. A period of steady growth awaits us—patience is key.

3. 2/12 - Mars Enters Aquarius: As Mars, the planet of ambition, enters Aquarius, we are bestowed with an independent spirit and an innovative mind. This celestial alignment encourages us to fearlessly go our own way and blaze unique trails. Embrace your individuality.

4. 2/14 - Liberation Day: Valentine's Day takes on a new meaning as we liberate ourselves from hallmark delusions. Remember, you are the love you seek. Take this day to spread love authentically, whether to yourself or to those around you.

February invites us to align with the cosmic energies, embrace transformation, and stand confidently in our individuality. Stay attuned to the celestial symphony and let this month be a journey of self-discovery and growth.

2/24 Full moon in Virgo: It's time to ascend and choose the latter. This will be a powerful full moon for those ready to take on new ancient codes and to create. Tantric Birthday Celebration!

A Sacred Birth ~ March 12-18, marks a time of great achievement, it is a week that has been 8 years into making. It is a baby born out of shared vision, gathered wisdom, passion and desire. It is a one-of-a-kind Tantric Massage Immersion in the jungle of Playa Del Carmen. 

A Sacred Touch Retreat is my latest and grand offering, designed to activate your undiscovered potential, access mystery, deep states of pleasure and healing within the body and each other. 

Mark your calendar, take off work, call the grandparents - you are being summoned for a Divine Assignment. Enter a portal of Temple Healing Arts hosted by Me, Rainbow G and Angel De La Paz. We are a dream team and most beautiful Souls ready to take you and you beloved on a transformative, sensual and activating experience! If you want to know more please visit and book your discovery call! 

This will be EPIC and I want YOU there! 

If you’re a couple this retreat will be the best Valentines Gift of the century,

if you’re a Single this will advance and activate you on all levels of your existence beyond the ordinary!

Im here for any questions!

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