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Spiritual Truth of Awakening

Are we really One?

When we come to a realization that we are one , we will eliminate hate and war in the world.

We are one with God,

with Nature and Each Other.

We are one with Darkness and Light.

But it's our free choice to feed white wolf or a black within us.

And the one you feed the most,

will prevail.

Those who still divide people by religious beliefs and skin color need to wake up.

Spiritual awakening happening around the world right now.

And spiritual communities should be a beacon of light in this world.

We are known for great tolerance,

love and freedom.

But in reality -

Why do vegans judge those who eat meat?

Why do pot smokers judge those who drink wine?

Why do straight people judge gay?

Why do those who work judge those who are not?

People have a tendency to be very selective and judgemental.

Why is it still important how people dress, or what people eat, or what people do for living?

A homeless person may vibrate higher than a scumbag in a suit.

Everyone in life on their own journey of growth and evolvement.

Some people are old souls in young bodies, some people never grow up in their 80th.

To be able to ascend, you have to descend first.

To experience enlightenment, you have to experience hell first.

To heal others you have to experience pain and disease first.

Only those who heal themselves can heal others.

Only those who have been in hell have compassion and a heart full of love to save others.

Spiritual growth without experiencing pain is impossible.

Spiritual development gives us power.

But with power comes responsibility.

It's very easy to fall into self righteousness and become selective.

Some people use their spiritual gifts to satisfy their ego,

to control and dominate others.

Those who are going through the dark times,

they are the most vulnerable.

Simple hug can change a person's life,

a small act of kindness can transform your life forever.

Life is a boomerang.

Everything we do will echo in eternity.


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