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Thrust like a God, part 2

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Men - did you know that one intentional conscious thrust can touch your woman more deeply, than dozens of fast rigid rabbit ones?

To be a good lover is to be CONSCIOUS & intentional. It's not about the speed, it's about the quality.

One slow-deep conscious thrust can feel like a tsunami wave of ecstatic electricity, as it moves and enters her Yoniverse. The more present you are and the more open and receptive she is, the more she will feel you.

How you penetrate your woman is how you penetrate the world.

You'll penetrate your woman with the same level of your consciousness that you have activated within you.

Your consciousness is linked to the quality of energy that will be emitted from your Lingam(cock).

She wants to feel your energy, presence, love, and devotion.

You expand your consciousness by gaining more awareness and a greater perspective of yourself and life.

And if you're addicted to porn, frequent masturbation, and one-night stands - you got some work to do.

A quality man is a refined man.

To refine your energy you need to raise your consciousness & check in with your habits and outlook on sex.

Conscious sex is not goal oriented. It's an experience, a journey, and an exploration of pleasure.

Your ultimate PRESENCE is what she craves, but if you're rushing to get off - you're missing the point.

If you're not disciplined and have no self-control - again you're missing the point.

Sexuality is Spiritual. In all the ways. If you allow yourself to access such perspective.

The feel-good sensations is the movement of electricity & love between two bodies.

And one conscious thrust can feel exquisitely ecstatic when you focus your awareness of giving love and extending that love through your cock.

It's called love-making for a reason.

You are making love, creating love, and acting out love.

Something that most don't realize is that intense fu@cking and hard-core pounding actually drains both you and your partner energetically. And if you're looking to experience more healing & regenerative sex then you need to SLOW DOWN and learn how to massage her with your cock as you deepen the penetration.

Next time you have a gift of loving a woman try this:

#1 Warm her up: make sure she is turned on and juicy. If her yoni is not wet - DO NOT ENTER!

#2 Face her heart & hold her: position yourself on top, make sure both are comfortable, and slide your arms underneath her neck/head, supporting her.

#3 Slow and steady: begin to slowly enter her without pulling out too far. Inch in - inch out. Breathe, eye-gaze, and engage your hips and sacrum to thrust SLOWLY & deeply.

#4 Find a sensitive spot: as you thrust intentionally, pay attention to her body and how she receives you, exploring every inch and angle of her Yoniverse. If you notice more response in one area, stay there.

#5 F$ck to God: once energy is awakened, you can build on the pleasure by focusing on those sensitive spots by massaging her deeper and deeper, think of scaling the depth of your penetration from shallow to deep tuning into her sensations. Don't forget to breathe and relax your jaw and pelvic muscles. Eventually thrusting her into an orgasmic state. Think of massaging into her Yoni with LOVE, CARE & Tenderness.

Extra tip: as you thrust with your mind telepathically say a positive and loving affirmation to her (I love you. I love your heart. I love your soul. etc..) She doesn't need to hear you, her body will feel you. )

Let me know how this goes!

I pray that you will thrust her from a place of love, respect, intention & deep presence so both of you can experience the magic of sacred and conscious sexuality.


Wanna learn how to become a Tantric Lover, I created this entire platform in dedication to teaching men exactly that, 3+ years of video content & lessons served with love & grace!Subscribe here.

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