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A THING in the bedroom?

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

What if how you show up for the intimacy in the bedroom is a reflection of your relationship/marriage?

What does your sex life say about your connection?

What does your sex life say about your ability to penetrate her and for her to receive him?

Do you feel full, satiated, overflowing?

Or do you feel lacking, empty, craving & starved?

You can't get something out of sex if you're not willing to bring it to it.

Heart, presence, care, tenderness, passion, devotion, satisfaction, surrender?

Too many couples look at sex as someTHING to do. It becomes a THING.

Sex became something to do in hopes of keeping us connected.

Maybe physically satisfied?

It's meeting a need.

Yet, You shouldn't NEED anyTHING from your beloved.

Sex is a union and melding of the connection that's already there.

Its an expansion of desire that's already there.

A pulsing of passion that's already there.

If you're not feeling satisfied in the bedroom, then start looking outside of it for solutions.

What happens in the bedroom is a reflection of the vulnerability and connection present in the day-to-day. It's a meeting of soul to soul. The intimate union of body and heart. Not friction of genitals shortly raptured in disappointment.

How can you show up for HIM/HER better in the kitchen? In the living room? In the car?

How can you be intimate with each other outside the bedroom?

For that will be multiplied and magnified in the way you show up in the bedroom.

What if coming into sexual union is how you praise God'dess for such magical experience that happens between two Bodies,Hearts & Souls?

Explore the depths of your beloveds.

There is an infinite portal of love, pleasure, and mystery to unfold.

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