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Thrust like a God, part 1

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Lately, I've been getting f#cked so good and so lovingly.

I feel satisfied, energized, and happy.

I see this man truly as a God who has come down to Earth to love a Goddess.


His love penetrates me so deeply that each night we make love, I call God's name in gratitude as sacred water pours a river of ambrosia all over my sheets and into his mouth.

It's the next level of my sexuality that I finally manifested.

I've opened up deeper than I ever have, experiencing out-of-this-world intimacy, trust, surrender, and multi-dimensional orgasms!

It took him 40 years to get here. But he sees all the lessons he needed to overcome, which included releasing porn from his life.

Men - did you know that one intentional conscious thrust can touch your woman more deeply, than dozens of fast rigid rabbit ones?

If porn is your main source of sex education, You wouldn't know that.

Let's get honest: where did you learn how to have sex?

For most is from watching porn. And as a woman, I am telling you to STOP!

- stop comparing porn to real-life sex

- stop comparing porn actors to you & real women

- stop expecting women to act out your fave scenes

- stop feeling bad about your size & performance

- stop feeding that industry & see what it has done to the men of our society

Little hits of dopamine, quick access to sexual satisfaction, no need to do any actual work, no skills of courtship or how to actually love a woman.

Porn is a worldwide pandemic and it's silently ruining the quality of men and relationships.

If you want to learn how to thrust like a God, first you need to stop the porn,

Because while you're blistering your hand to a computer/phone screen God is patiently waiting on you to wake up and see the truth behind your actions.

Look out for part 2 of this blog, as I build on what it actually takes to fck your woman to God!

Check out this video I made discussing the effects of porn:

Wanna learn how to become a Tantric Lover, I created this entire platform in dedication to teaching men exactly that, 3+ years of video content & lessons served with love & grace! Subscribe here.

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