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The Awakening of the Divine Feminine

Do you feel the call of The Divine Feminine?

It feels like a deep innate desire for healing, nurturing, and transforming the body and honoring all of your emotions.

Your emotions are wild, passionate, and as transient as the sea, the Moon guides our emotions and only by honoring them and feeling into the depth of your soul can we truly connect to our Highest Selfs.

The Feminine energy awakens and moves through you. Its subtle. So you have to quiet down the mind (rational/analytical = masculine) side and listen to your heart/body/emotions ~ Feminine.

It takes place in All, men and women.

You might start to remember your divine heritage, think about your ancestors, your Holy nature, your sensuality, power, and innate knowing of what does it mean to become Sacred.

The gifts of the Divine Feminine are to be in tune with Nature’s cycles, Birth, Life and Death — the ability to create life in all forms, and to destroy what is no longer needed.

Below are few archetypes of the Feminine:

〰 The Protector: Energetic protection and the setting of boundaries so she and her loved ones are safe.

〰 The Healer: The power of healing, through plants, animals, energy and cutting-edge methods, she has healed her pain and now heals others.

〰 The Wise Woman: In touch with the void, the sacred silence, the Higher Self, a strong intuition, in sync with the moon, the cycles of nature and the dream world. Knowledge of past lives.

〰 The Muse: The creatrix, the artist, the architect of her world. She knows the laws of attraction, magnetism, receptivity, attracting in all that we desire. Keeping the well full so we can give more.

〰 The Wild Woman: Uninhibited, passionate, beautiful in her primal state.

〰 Mother Earth: Nurturing, loving, compassionate.

〰The Sensual Goddess: Sensual, our pleasure is sacred, our sexuality is life force.

〰 The Nymph: Playful, erotic and in awe of this world.

〰 The Warrior: Bold and fierce, stands for her truth, goes after her desires.

〰 The Mystic: A knowing of the unknown, of ancient forgotten knowledge and ritual.

We can embody all, or one archetype at a time, but knowing that ultimately we are all of them! As you learn to connect to the inner aspects of yourself, you will slowly begin to integrate and become whole and Holy.

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