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The Art of Feminine Heart

"I really like him but I just don't feel sxually attracted" - GOOD!

Ladies, Keep seeing that guy!

So here is the thing, when you end up with a man who you are drawn to purely for sex, two things are happening.

1. You are operating from your masculine centre, so you will end up dating this person or even being with them, from your masculine - which is not where you want to be relating from.

2. You are most likely feeling the intense sxual charge because there is something that needs to be explored there specifically: one of your core wounds. Know this difference - you can hang out with this person, maybe even co-create something or simply be friends - to explore the wound - but don't date them ... as this leads to trauma bonding.

As woman when we are naturally more rested in our feminine centre - the heart. We can relate from this space versus the sxua space.

Then we are relating from our feminine, where we ideally want to relate to men from.

When you’re in this space of your heart you take your time & invite the partner into that space.

You can still make it very clear to the man that you are really into them & turned on by them - but you just value taking time to open first.

This is the art.

It's about arousing his energy where he relates from first (his sex centre) & yet honouring your feminine heart.

When you take this time you get to build something of substance & the maiden is honoured.

When the maiden is honoured, the wild woman can fully unleash when she chooses to, when she feels held & safe.

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