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Tantric Sex

A buzz word amongst spiritual communities and Tantra experience seekers... but what is it really, and is it that easily accessible to everyone?

From my own personal experience I’ll tell you this: No, it is not an easily accessible experience if you’re someone new to the world of energy, connection, and knowing how to tune into your body AND your partner's body.

What makes Tantric S€x different is that it goes beyond physical penetration. When accessing these powerful realms of energetic field, physical penetration isn’t even necessary.

But why?

And how? You might think -- well because Tantra is about energy.

Energetic penetration is what turns regular s€x into Tantric. To get here, there needs to be A LOT of work and clearing done in order to FEEL deeply into your partner. Both parties have to be open, vulnerable, and energetically aligned coming into the space with no expectations, no goal, and ready to surrender to each others natural essence. There needs to be a strong s€xual polarity, exceptional communication, feelings of safety and trust and comfort.

"Tantric Sex can be literally defined as slow sex with the accent on body and mind connection". So, gentle massage, kissing, touching and other methods of meditative breathing profits the person with strong orgasms. A great mental connection is gained through meditating together before and during sex performance. Tantric sex is not just about orgasms but the purpose of it is on the holistic experience of both mind and sex. It is literally opposite the western form of sex because it is all about the wholeness of sexual pleasure."

Unlike the overly masculine approaches to sexuality that we see so often (goal oriented genital orgasm, pornography), Tantric lovemaking is much more feminine and could be described as a deep surrender into the mystery.

When partners practice Tantric Sex they automatically raise their vibration, which elevates your state of Being, spiritually and physically.

The key word is here is "practice".

For most people sex is either part of a routine, a 'get it out of the way' or 'i get my way" type of occurrence. Tantric Sex requires time and dedication on both ends to explore, play and have fun! I personally leave at least 2-3hrs for my Tantric lovemaking dates.

But what will I do for so long you might think? Well -- that's where you get to explore.... Wanna learn how? Connect with me for a private 1:1 or couples bedroom coaching session!

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