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Sex , Foreplay & Love

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Great sex should last at least an hour.

Any woman takes about 20 mins to warm up before she can reach the peak of climax and have an amazing orgasm.

Go down on your woman. Spend at least 20 mins on just foreplay to get her aroused and her vagina well lubricated and relaxed.

A man that doesn't do cunnilingus simply doesn't deserve to enter her.

And a woman that doesn't do fellatio does not deserve to be ravaged either.

That's my humble opinion.

If a woman let's the man enter her before she is wet enough and aroused enough she will grow angry with herself and it will be a bad energy exchange for both involved.

If she says yes when she means no it is equivalent to her allowing the energetics of rape.

She will feel used and abused and she will hate her man for it as much as she will hate herself.

If the man doesn't feel so lucky to have his woman as to court her all day and let the entire day be foreplay through loving gesture he is not happy with himself or his woman.

A man that is happy with himself and his partner will make efforts to woo her all day long and lavish her with affection and attentiveness and make sure his woman feels loved.

Foreplay to such a man is also conversations, pillow talk, making her breakfast in bed, taking her to dinner, watching her favorite show, slow dancing in the kitchen between doing dishes, going for a nice walk or exercising together.

The list of what foreplay can be is only left to the imagination to such a man.

And his woman will be radiant and glowing as a result and they will be deeply attracted to one another, making their sexual intimacy reach otherworldly heights as their love making will be a deep spiritual affair and energy exchange of the purest kind, heart to heart, Soul to soul.

The value of a man is shown in the radiance of his woman.

The value of a woman is shown in the playfulness of her man.

He keeps her safe, she keeps him wild.

She a beauty, He a beast.

To stay in this kind of passionate partnership it is imperative you keep doing what you did in the beginning to get her.

Never stop romancing and courting each other.

Never stop playing and having fun.

That's when the love dies.

- Ulf Haukenes

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