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Serving Her Pleasure

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

A friend told me recently that a guy said to her " I do not use my tongue or my fingers, I don't see that as necessarily before s.ex."

Dear men, If I can offer you one piece of FREE advice after all the years of sacred sexuality and tantric work I've devoted to - learn how to SERVE HER PLEASURE!

Unfortunately, too many men find this out too late in their life, and by then they've done enough damage and lost too many opportunities for mystical experiences.

SERVING HER PLEASURE isn't just in the realms of sexuality.

PLEASURE can come in so many forms, and it's your job to discover what will fill her up.

However, in this post the focus is on sexual pleasure.

Your c0ck isn't the only tool to bring a woman pleasure.

In fact, it's the last tool to be used if you truly seek to fu$k a Goddess out of her.

You see, The Goddess holds gifts. But only the wise men know how to open her up to receive them. Such gifts are not offered to fu$ck boy energy who only seeks to self-serve.

Those gifts are offered to the man who takes time to open her heart, which leads to the natural opening of her body.

It's an alchemical dance.

If you seek to walk as a King, you shall learn to surrender and serve her.

Just like a Queen learns to surrender and serve him.

Something that many men & women don't realize - is that there is magic in the power of female sexual, sensual energy, and especially her orgasmic release.

This energy creates life, vitality, creativity and offers nourishment to the Soul, not to mention the magic of manifestation.

Beyond energetic release, her physical release of Amrita is literally a soul food, Assuming she is a healthy conscious Goddess.

Penetration should start in the mind before it reaches the body. Not the other way around.

And if you aren't willing to lick her, taste her and use all your tools to pleasure her Soul and Body to God first - then you do not deserve her Yoni Portal and a chance to experience her gifts.

And even if you do manage to sneak yourself immaturely in - The Goddess in her will never release her magic to you. Because this here is an internal alchemy between two Souls. Not achieved through simple friction of the body parts.

Most men never actually tasted the Goddess essence.

And that's because you don't know how to bring it out.

Because your 5-15 minutes of pitiful self-serving stimulation is unsatisfying to say the least...

Wanna learn how to love a Goddess, take a few hours to explore my Instagram channel (posts & videos) where over the last 3+ years I wrote in elaborate detail of what that means and looks like.

And subscribe to my OnlyFans where I share educational videos with lessons and workshops guiding you on how to think & act as a Tantric Lover.

And if you're ready to face the Goddess and experience her gifts book your 1:1 Tantric Initiation session with me!

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