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RELIGIONS are several.


Religion is for the sleepy.

Spirituality is for the awakening.

Religion is for those who need someone else to tell them what to do, to forgive them.

Spirituality is for those who hear their inner voice and look in the image and likeness of a creative power.

Religion has a set of rules to follow.

Spirituality invites you to feel it all.

Religion judges, guilt and separates.

Spirituality unifies.

Religion speaks of sin and guilt.

Spirituality tells you learn from error and continue.

Religion represses you.

Spirituality invites you to discover everything in all your facets.

Religion manipulates, deceives.

Spirituality discovers.

Religion doesn't ask or question, doubt is prohibited.

Spirituality questions everything.

Religion is human, it is an organization with dogmas

Spirituality is free, no rules.

Religion seeks you catches you.

Spirituality has to be sought by you.

Religion follows the precepts of a book.

Spirituality seeks the sacred in everything.

Religion feeds on fear.

Spirituality nourishes on trust.

Religion makes you live by the rules.

Spirituality makes you live in consciousness.

Religion takes care of doing.

Spirituality takes care of the Being.

Religion feeds your ego.

Spirituality makes you transcend it.

Religion makes you give up on the world.

Spirituality makes you live in God.

Religion is worship.

Spirituality is meditation.

Religion lives in the past and the future.

Spirituality lives in the present.

Religion believes in eternal life.

Spirituality makes you aware of it.

Religion gives you promises for after death.

Spirituality is finding God within you.

RELIGION reduces you to a lamb, while

that SPIRITUALITY is the roar of a lion

Teacher Religion is Love.

~ Written by Madhu Anand

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