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Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Monday rant:

The downside of being a s.ex and pleasure guru - is the frequent frustration and disappointment I experience in my personal s.ex life. Not with all lovers butt few in between. ( & We're not going into what limiting beliefs I have that cause me to attract such lovers...I have a therapist for that.)

My bedroom standards are HIGH and some men are LAZY, others simply don't know and the rest got internal intimacy and self-esteem issues they have yet to deal with. Many rush to ejaculation and completely disregard the needed time for intimacy and foreplay.

I really hate scolding yall but FUCK!

And do you know how much courage it takes to educate men midst your s.exual discomfort, A LOTTT - hence most women rather sit in the unpleasant experience than to vocalize her truth.

Perhaps this is my path, the Sex Priestess path.

I hold so much space of patience, compassion and grace for all my lovers along with free content/resources I share, and yet I am sad because all this happens at the expense of my time and pleasure.

Sex isn't everything they some say.... I call bullshit.

Im 31 not 61, s.ex is an important aspect of romantic relating.

If you're going to prioritize eating popcorn at 2am over loving me to God... then we got deeper issues here.

He says he wants things to be 'natural',

then demands me to suck his d!ck...

my little girl quivers in disgust

I breathe in and forgive

I gave him love and gentle pleasure

He then got tired and was ready for a nap

I then wake up feeling him in the kitchen eating...

Eating -

anything but my pussy.

I try I really do.

but fuck.... I couldn't sleep the rest of the night feeling angry

I deserve better, I had better, I know better.

I cried at the thought of how my body wasn't loved. How he abandoned and rejected me.

Not even me...but this body, this temple she was aching, aching for a warm touch, love, his masculine presence to penetrate me - in devotion.

But how -

how can he ever devote to me if late-night popcorn felt more important?

And how do I keep putting myself into such situations? Where time after time I feel this sadness, anger and frustration.

The little girl sighs, and the woman awakens.

- end rant.

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I wish more women had your attitude about sexuality.

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