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Living an Orgasmic Life

If your body was healed from heavy trauma,

your chakras (energy vortexes) were open, balanced and in harmony,

energy freely flowing through the sushumna (spinal energy channel)

your mind clear and awareness present,

If all that was happening within you,

you’d be walking around in a constant state of arousal and inner pleasure.

Imagine that!

Being constantly turned on and tuned up to the subtle orgasmic frequencies of life!

Did you know that during orgasm is when you experience the closest connection to God-Source, it’s the highest vibration that most only tune into for few seconds at a time; no wonder why it feels so good and so many people can’t get enough of it.

It’s a feeling of home.

Now imagine being able to live in that state daily?

What kind of life could you create by keeping yourself in the high vibration of full presence and awareness.

This body is such a gift. Feeling energy within it is even a greater gift.

Tantric work has taught me so much about this path to Bliss, in the work is the honoring of the Temple and the devotion to feeling good and building that deep connection to your inner BEing.

Tantra taught me how I can thrive in life, in this body and the depths of connections I can cultivate with chosen people. It taught me to choose myself first, and to be discerning with anything that doesn’t feel right in my body. It taught me to choose pleasure over pain, yet without dismissing anything when it does show up. All is here in divine harmony.

It is possible to be aroused by life,

Making love to mundane things,

Seeing it all as divine perfection!

But the path is of deep work! Discipline, trust and more work!

If anybody’s feelings to call to start tapping into the Tantric realms of BEing; I am available for private hands-on and 1:1 coaching work.

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