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Giving Less F#cks

A true freedom lies in your state of mind.

A state of mind that chooses to no longer take things so damn personally.

Or letting go of the need to fit the mold of who other people or society wants you to be.

TRUE FREEDOM is CHOOSING to create your own reality that fits your unique personality.

And having the sovereignty to dictate your own life without the fear of limitations.

Because I remind you: Universe is Limitless. If you can imagine it, it exists.

Some people will try to make you fit their own mold of what they think is right and how you should act. Because somewhere along our path we've been conditioned to believe there is a certain way people should be. And it permeates all areas of life how to be a good man, a woman, a leader, a teacher, a father, a mother, a friend etc.

Keyword to notice is SHOULD.

Our society has been telling us from the very beginning what is acceptable and what is not. And I am sick of it. Looking at how corrupt and unjust the flow of our current systems is I by personal choice am not going to fit into any box of SHOULDs.

To create change in the world, it has to start WITH YOU.

So I invite you to master the ART of giving LESS f#cks about what other people think.

And MORE f*cks about doing what makes you happy.

That is true freedom.

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