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Falsehood of New Age Polarity

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

How I feel about Polarity teachings:


Being highly masculine man and highly feminine woman will only work for some, and I see it as a way of the 1st stage of relationships if we look at David Diedas 'Intimate Communion' theory of 3 types of relationships we embark on through our personal evolutionary process.

As much as I want to be this ultra-feminine woman, I can no longer just be on one side of this spectrum. Where I am now, is being an integrated woman meaning I am BOTH, feminine and masculine, and the art of moving through these polarities in my day-to-day, my work, and my love life is where I get to apply my awareness of these poles as I choose moment by moment where I need to align.

New age polarity teachings say a woman must ask her man "for permission" to share her feelings, to buy him gifts, to offer him anything because she is to NOT to give him anything as she is in her ultimate feminine receptive role... but is that realistic? Sure one can undergo an entire shift and change of communication and ways of living, but is that natural to YOU?

Todays polarity coaches love to drill how a woman must be 'this one way' in order to attract a dominant man that will cherish her. But I call bullshit... a man can cherish you, adore you and support you without being all macho dominant.

The difference is he doesn't need to LEAD you because as an integrated woman, you lead yourself through your connection to purpose and God, and the man that has a blessing to be in such woman life will too be an integrated man who doesn't seek her submission but rather seeks to be of service and devotion to her and whatever she chooses to embark on.

The idea of man leading and me submitting to him sounds cute and all, but in our world today I feel its a little out of tune for some women who have established a strong foundation and are grounded financially, emotionally and spiritually.

I believe polarity is moment-by-moment artistry.

And it has to be natural. We are not all cookie-cutter to fit such frameworks. So I unsubscribed from such teachings and returned to what is true for ME. Balance, flow and co-creation with an integrated man.

Besides - before the written word and the religious drilling of God is a man, and a man leads and a woman submits is full on the coercion of the ancient matriarchal ways of living.

Women always had the power and female leadership does not rely on institutionalized authority but on recognized personal power. The most courageous women challenged oppression. There are many historical accounts of women warriors, and women often fought to defend their homes, their people and their country. However, although it is hard for many people today to conceive of such broad female authority, in some societies women had the formal power to veto the decision to go to war. A lot of ancient and Native American tribes were matrilineal instead of the typical patrilineal societies. This meant that you were descended from your mother's clan, not your father's. It was also meant the women were involved in the decision-making process for the greater good of the tribe.

We can see how far the world has gotten with such 'dominant men' ruling and controlling the ways, leading us into WW3 and societal collapse. It is time to remember where we came from and who we are.

Old ways might not work and so we need to create a new way for the New Earth in which we all recognize our power and serve each other and the collective from a healthy, integrated and embodied place.

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