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Alchemical Marriage BluePrint

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

The thing most Feminine beings don’t realize… ⁣

…Is that the “marriage” you desire with your king is an energetic experience, first. When you feel that merging with the Masculine in a spiritual relationship, you can experience it as divine union. But the goal is to realize that experience exists within relationship to any man, not just one. ⁣

But what are the ingredients for this Alchemical Marriage?⁣

Devotion, Presence, Polarity, Purpose

Each one is a vital key to unlocking the life force between you two.⁣

And when you grasp that inner union state —You ultimately feel “married” to the Divine, never truly feeling abandoned or alone.⁣

Now... A Union means a weaving of oneness. But the weaving of two energies doesn’t just create ONE energy together, but also a THIRD. This is more than just 1+1 = 1, which traditional marriage has recognized.⁣

A full experience of Union recognizes that 1+1 = Infinity.⁣

Because it’s not just the security of meeting each other’s personal needs, it’s the ‘purpose’ for the relationship itself. The meeting of Maslow’s “Self-Actualization” need. ⁣

Not just why are YOU here, on Earth… But why are you here now & TOGETHER?⁣

And this is literally the most important relationship “need” for conscious couples to BE ABLE TO SEE, DISCUSS, REFLECT, ALIGN, AND PROGRESS. The whole point of awakening is to self-actualize & be ‘on-purpose,’ and then relationships themselves become an act of Divine service.⁣

Here are some of the relationship purposes I find most accessible: ⁣

❤️‍🩹Healing deep personal or generational trauma,

🎯💰Financial or career realignment⁣

😇😈Reclaiming your innocence & s*xuality⁣

🤱🌹Building & serving a community or family.

Now imagine all of that possible with the same person? That’s a Union.⁣

And with the same person forever? That’s marriage.⁣

Talking to women it feels like this:

“I bring the Masculine power out of me and choose to delegate it to YOUR hands. To guide me to a vision of my life I humbly couldn’t reach on my own. I find you worthy of Him, and I evoke you to take & guide me.”⁣

An experience of allowance… of permission to trust this man comes through. But this melting of heart walls will reveal that you aren’t actually as solid as life generally forces you to be.⁣

You would love to be free & emotionally expressive, but it’s been so unwelcome, so unreceived, and so uncontained, that it hurts being down there again. ⁣

It’s easy to allow a man your body… But your heart? Your full emotional surrender? Oof.⁣

What will he do with your grief? Your anger? A trigger from the past? When you express an emotional need, or a desire for his behavioral shifts? Or environmental shifts? Or his provision for food & good future? Or when you start to feel unsafe?⁣

Now you don’t have to remind us, yes—ULTIMATELY, these sensations are a sovereign woman’s responsibility.⁣

But go back a few lines to the quote. You actually have the ability to GIVE him your inner Masculine power.⁣

And with Her power comes what? ⁣

His responsibility.⁣

It’s the way the Feminine powerfully SELECTS through SURRENDER. ⁣

Now what’s the trick?⁣

The commitment to your Masculine doesn’t sit toward of any one man. It’s a commitment to the allowance of “His” direction & provision within and around you, first.⁣

And knowing you can pull the power back & reclaim it from him at any time, because it was yours all along. The illusion of painful power dynamics exists because you think he’s taking it from you, but you’re actually giving him allowance. ⁣

With all that said, it’s one of the most beautiful gifts you can give a man- To sovereignly delegate your inner Masculine power to him.⁣

So perhaps, the final piece…⁣

How do I go from swiping on Tinder, to THAT?⁣

Well, most of you don’t have a problem attracting the dates, it’s getting the conversation to the level it needs to be on to STOP the dating & situationship games, and elevate the relationship toward co-creation & that juicy alchemical marriage. ⁣

WITHOUT pushing him away or compromising your desires. This is the Aware Feminine’s Playbook. ⁣

…Which starts with breaking your own relational matrix apart, so you have the right canvas to invite a man to paint on.⁣

No matter how much inner work you’ve done, I still see so many of you still giving a “Maiden’s” canvas to men, when you want to give a Queen’s. ⁣




Written by dear friend and relationship coach Zach Gallardo

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