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Embodying Wholeness, Becoming Androgynous

Neither man nor a woman are superior to each other. Source treats all equally as in all of the creation compliments and works together to unify in one harmonious co-existence.

To become whole we must embody all aspects of ourself including our inner Divine Feminine and Masculine energies. Gender, that is, genitals or body, and archetypal energies are not the same thing. We all have the Divine Masculine and Feminine within our psyche. How they come out in our thoughts and behaviors are indicative of their strength, and often shapes our personalities.

For too many years men and women have been conditioned to heavily pull into one side, women were not allowed to be strong, smart and independent, men were suppressed of their emotions, vulnerability, and softness.

All which created lots of distortion, wounding and misunderstanding of our true sexual nature as human beings. The time has come to now unify both energies within ourself, so that we may embody wholeness of our being.

Divine Masculine has characteristics such as logic, rationality, strength and leadership. These aspects of human personality or behaviors are deemed masculine, and depending on their expression through an individual, they can be balanced or imbalanced. Is one rational at the expense of a lack of emotional maturity? Is one’s strength overpowering, overbearing, or ego-driven? These are signs that masculine energy is imbalanced.

A healthy representation of the Divine Masculine is witnessed through a person who is strong, but gentle. He has an appropriate action of guidance and leadership without the need of praise or ego-stroking. He turns away from greed and conflict and instead stays in a space of honor, honesty and diplomacy. He is confident but not arrogant, and adventurous but not reckless. He is someone you want to follow and makes you feel safe, supported and protected either physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

A healthy representation of the Divine Feminine is nurturing, kind, generous, wise and supportive. With the continued growth of mankind dependent on the health of its women, the Divine Feminine represents the ultimate mother–fertile, intuitive, patient, nurturing and healing. She is the representation of growth, not just in a physical way, but also emotionally and spiritually. We all birth something – an idea, a friendship, a business plan, a family – and it is the Divine Feminine within us all that brings it into full fruition.

From that understanding, you can begin to bring more balance and harmony into your life.

I call it becoming an Androgynous BEing.

The Feminine and the Masculine embodied.

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