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Updated: Oct 26, 2023

What most people have been conditioned to define as Love is really fear based attachment and lust 

We are multidimensional beings that have deeper needs than just the physical world 

Each chakra requires a certain type of energy to be satisfied 

Your root chakra needs to feel safe, thus anyone not meeting this need of making you feel protected and materially secure won’t be able to satisfy your root chakra 

And this is where most relationships stop and get trapped in the root because there’s no material security in the relationship 

You can’t even access the heart chakra of love and connection without satisfying the basic need for material safety and comfort 

Try focusing on loving someone while a lion is chasing you , you can’t , all you can worry about is survival , you are stressed in flight or flight mode , there’s no time for love 

The masculine was designed to provide safety and protection so that the feminine could vibrate higher than the fear of survival , it’s why men on average are physically stronger than women 

Once the feminine feels safe , she will be able to let go which allows her to access the sacral chakra of creativity and pleasure 

This is why sex will always include pain until the feminine is surrendered and relaxed enough to vibrate at the sacral chakra’s frequency of pleasure 

So if you’re not able to make the feminine feel safe, you’ll never be able to satisfy the root chakras needs and thus you won’t be able to satisfy the sacral chakras needs

After the sacral chakras needs of creativity and pleasure has been satisfied, the solar plexus chakra gets filled with sexual energy 

This then manifest itself as confidence and positive emotions such as happiness due to the chemical serotonin being released once the solar plexus is activated 

The solar plexus chakra allows you to love yourself completely due to the first three chakras being self-focused 

After the first three are filled with sexual energy you then get to access to the portal between selfishness and selflessness called the Heart Chakra 

This allows you to pour your overflow of self-love into another which creates a true loved based connection 

Until this chakra is accessed and powered up, you’ll forever be attached to the other for your source of love which is really fear

You can’t really love each other because you haven’t even filled your own cup up enough to love yourself 

Thus you are really relying on the energy of attraction and lust in the root chakra which is why sex is the only thing that makes you feel connected 

And as soon as the lust runs out , so does the artificial shallow connection 

LOVE is the only thing that can keep a healthy relationship together and BOTH PARTNERS must have it within themselves first 

Yet in order to even access it, you must do the inner work to remove your blockages in your lower chakras so you can even access your own source of Love 

Only once you have learned how to love yourself can you attract someone who loves you from abundance instead of lack 

You then will be able to focus on the higher chakras of communication(throat chakra), imagination(third eye chakra), and spirituality(crown chakra) 

You can’t expect someone to imagine(third eye chakra) a greater future with you when they don’t even feel materially safe(root chakra) with you 

Until then you’ll keep repeating the same cycle of Lust and infatuation disguised as Love which runs out and then is held together by Fear, Traumas, Insecurities and Jealousy.

Written by

Davonte Sheard

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