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A Message to Men

Patience, men. Patience.

Patience, is a must.

`Why´ you ask?

As a man, once you figure out your role with woman, you will realise how so much of it is about utilising your presence in order to assist and support her in regurgitating and untangling from all of the mishandling and abuse that has been placed upon her, before you.

Past experiences, which have barb-wired her heart and expression.

This is so much of how a man loves her.

How he cares for her.

How he waters the soil of her heart, so that new flowers can begin to grow.

As a man, your highest role with woman is to patiently and consistently show-up, as the unraveling continues. To be there in a way that supports her life, body & heart returning to something a little bit more magical and beautiful than before. Like a farmer, tilling the soil, committing to be there as the weeds are pulled together. Re-planting an oasis inside of her, with cosmic seeds of precise love.

Patience is one of the cornerstones of a great farmer. He need not rush the land. He simply needs to become more and more sensitive to her seasons, so that they can work alongside one another harmoniously, to bring about more beauty.


Men…patience is essential for her to be able to lean into deeply trusting your direction and what you stand for - In her being able to fully receive you, and what you have come here to bring.

Patience is essential in figuring out how to be there long enough, in order to actually receive the gifts which she has for you.

The POWERFUL gifts, which can only flood through once you have proved your ability to hold her steadily enough in love, in challenge, in life - to fully open. Without dropping her.

Without patience…you will never receive. You will only toss yourself away and continue to consume, wondering why you never feel complete.


You are empty.

She is unmet.

There is something far more potent for you which exists on the other side of her heart, if you are committed to staying still with her long enough, in love, through her seasons, you will begin to feel sense of what her wine truly tastes like(as will she), and how it has the ability to nourish both of your lives, undeniably.

There is a reason men these days are so disempowered and weak - He has become entirely uninterested in figuring out how to collect the crown she has for him, buried in her heart.

The lesson is love. The result is abundance.

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