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Remember the times of Sultans, Emperors, Kings, Queens, Gods & Goddesses as they relished in the earthly and heavenly pleasures of uniting Heaven and Earth through engaging in Tantric Relating and Sacred Celebrations.

With our events, group, private, and couples sessions you have a chance to relive and rejoice in such remembrance!

Experiential Tantric Play, Learn & Healing Ceremonies for the sensually adventurous.


We are the ministers of Love, a team of Tantric Healers, Artists, Performers, Mystics & Muses on a mission to inspire, awaken and activate the remembrance of your Sacred Self!

Our team consists of skilled massage practitioners, energy healers, coaches, performers, yoga, tantra & tai chi teachers, & sensual ceremonialists.


We organize, curate, and facilitate private Tantric Experiences for couples & groups.

Our offerings:

Tantra Massage Parties
Four-hand Goddess Therapy
Royal Sensual Healing Rituals
Conscious Kink & Sex'plorations
Thai Tantra & Aerial Yoga 
Tantric Couples Initiations
Group Tantra Pujas
Plant Medicine Journeys
Goddess Circles
Sacred Temple Parties 

Authentic Relating Workshops 
Erotic Blueprint Explorations
Tantric Circus Performances

Tantric Weddings & Honey Moon Ceremonies

Each experience is mindfully designed for you and your group's sensual needs.

Goddess Rainbow G

 A.K.A " Ms. Meow"

A Thai Tantra Yoga Healer, Pleasure Artist & Ceremonial Sensualist founder of Eco Rainbow Goddesses &

Rainbow draws wisdom from her life's passions and practices such as Permaculture, Naturalism, Yogic Healing Arts, Taoism, Thai Yoga Bodywork, Tantra, Ayurvedic Herbalism, Nutrition & Shamanism.


Her passion is to revitalize overworked professionals empowering them to discover how to live their best life in harmony with their true inner nature. Through remembrance of our sensual innocence and return to the embodiment of our erotic wild primal essence.

Angel is also a permaculturist, herbalist, aerialist, health coach and non-duality shamanic buffo therapist.


Goddess Alaya Moon

A.K.A. Aly Light


A Shamanic Minister, Intimacy Mentor & Tantra Teacher at Sacred Muse Tantra, specializing in sacred sexuality education and slow sensual Tantric experiences. Her work helps clients tap into their spiritual connection with the universe through pleasure & sexuality.

She blends different healing modalities & shamanic ritual work to support her clients through spiritual awakening and sexual liberation.


Aly is a thought-provoking conversationalist who loves exploring taboo topics as she shines light, love, and awareness from a new perspective.

Passionate about sex, love, spirituality, and pleasure; enjoys working with couples & singles craving to feel more passion, purpose, and fulfillment as they enter a path of Tantric relating.


Founders of Tantric Ministry

Image by Look Up Look Down Photography
Tantric Ministry is a 508(c)(1)(a) Faith Based Organization dedicated to the Great Cosmic Mother ~ The Goddess of Love, Truth & Wisdom.
Our faith is grounded in acceptance of our spiritual and human selves as Sacred Savages
~ conscious, liberated, embodied, and sovereign individuals who are in a symbiotic relationship with Earth & all its creatures. We live in devotion to self-actualization, unity, peace, harmony, innocence, and preservation of Ancient Sacred Ways of experiencing life, love & awakening.

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