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being submerged into a portal of peace, play and pleasure infused with daily yoga, meditation, conscious nutrition, connection circles, educational workshops and transformational activities designed to give you an opportunity to deepen your connection to self, your purpose and to cultivate your spiritual essence in a sacred brotherhood.
... How does that sound?

In this retreat, like-minded men will have the opportunity to come together as brothers to reflect on their journey into manhood, listen to other men, share their own stories, and be heard in a safe and non-judgmental space held by the Divine Feminine - join us?
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This is an immersive experience into exploring your Mind, Body & Soul,  here to serve the man who is ready to evolve, heal his heart, connect with the Divine and rediscover who he is.

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  • Are you ready to escape the mundane & fully immerse yourself on a guided path towards ultimate well-being?

  • Do you find yourself longing for an opportunity to open up, be seen, and heard?

  • Are you feeling stagnant or unfulfilled in your relationship or career and need guidance?

  • Are you overwhelmed by daily life tasks and seeking tools for peace & ease?

  • Are feelings of anxiety or depression creeping in?

  • Are you tired of being always in charge and carrying all the weight on your shoulders?

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This experience is for you if

  • You are ready for a positive change, healing & transformation

  • You want to learn how to cultivate deep intimate connections 

  • You want to be more present and conscious of your behaviour & patterns

  • You have the courage to be open and vulnerable with others

  • You are willing to take responsibility for your life and re-claim your power

  • You want to be able to release control & enjoy the process 

  • You want to learn how to access your emotional body & release old wounds

  • You are open-minded and ready to learn about the universal energy

  • You want to understand the Feminine and how to consciously relate to women 

  • You want to step more fully into your authentic masculine power

  • You want to experience a completely new and authentic experience that will nourish your Mind, Body & Soul

  • You want to be more authentic in your role as a husband, father, brother, son and partner

This intimate experience is only open to a few men who are a full Fuck Yes to this!

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If you’ve been waiting for a sign, this is it. The time is now. We are calling men to rise up to the throne of their Hearts and to awaken from the unconscious slumber of our chaotic, demanding and unbalanced world.

The intention of this experience is to create a safe, loving and nurturing space for men to let down their guard, soften the edges and to allow feelings of ease, love, acceptance and peace to surface. You will be held in a Feminine womb portal of transformation and rebirth, nourished by consciously designed home cooked meals, and tended to gently by the Goddesses themselves.

Say Hi to Your Hosts


Meet Aly

Aly is a transformational guide, healer, teacher and a magick woman. Her passions extend into multitude of pathways all bringing you back to getting to know yourself at the core of your BEing. 


She is deeply rooted in tantric lifestyle, conscious relating, spiritual intimacy, shamanic practices, and connection to nature and ritual. Aly has certifications in Life Coaching, Holistic Wellness, Yoga, Energy & Sound Healing, Reiki, and Tantra. Aly is an intuitive who shares her gifts of deep presence, feminine expression, sacred touch healing and all things intimacy. She calls the truth to the surface with her no bullshit approach to authentic expression and communication.


Aly will bring the elements of sacred intentions, ritual, spiritual wisdom and sacred activations.



Tiffany is a nurturing facilitator, teacher and Queen of Truth. She has a love for the human body and the anatomy involved in the movement. She is trained and certified through Yoga Alliance 500 YTT as well as Reiki, Nutrition, and trauma release work. 


Tiffany has over 15 years of experience in the lifestyle and physical asana of yoga. Her dharma lies in service to humanity and she continuously stands in her essence of Truth and Compassion, helping all who she can on her path. Dedicated to energy work, breathwork and the physical asana of yoga, she guides her students intuitively through each transformational class.

Tiffany will bring the elements of yoga, conscious nutrition, breathwork and trauma healing to this retreat.

Image by Alice Donovan Rouse

We can't wait to serve you!

Our consciously-designed experimental playshops will be an opportunity for you to deeply transform your old views on life, to heal and awaken dormant parts of your masculine being, to reconnect to you Feminine essence, to clear stagnant energy and repressed emotions and to develop new ways of showing up and standing in your authentic sovereign truth.

These practices will help you transmute stagnant energy and repressed emotions that develop unhealthy patterns and behaviors. You will be tenderly held in an empowered space of personal sovereignty and responsibility; this is a chance to step toward your ultimate power into a space of spiritual supremacy. 
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  • All-inclusive 3day/3night accommodations in a beautiful lakefront property in South East Florida

  • Welcome gift n goodie bag 

  • 3 daily nutritious home-cooked meals

  • Afternoon refreshments & snacks 

  • Daily yoga and movement practice

  • Guided Meditations & Sound Healing

  • Connection & sharing circles

  • Conscious workshops exploring tools for personal growth & biohacking techniques 

  • Pool & kayaking at leisure time 

  • 1:1 time with Aly & Tiffany

  • Post-retreat integration check-in calls

  • A once-in-a-lifetime experience & lifelong friends!

Your Retreat Package Includes:

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Your Investment in Yourself

We are extending a sliding scale rate depending on individual ability.


Please consider this offering as an investment in yourself and your growth which honors the powerful and valuable impact that the retreat will make on your life. 


Payments can be made via Credit Card, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle or Bitcoin/ETH. A payment link will be emailed once we speak on the  phone and confirm you're a full FuckYes to this!

Image by Tim Foster

  • Rejuvenate your body, restore your mind, and enlighten your soul

  • A focused time for your asana practice, meditation, and reflection

  • Gain self-awareness and inner connection

  • Unplug, slow down and get back in touch with yourself

  • Connect with like-minded men, from deep sacred bonds

  • Daily practices to keep grounded and centered

  • Discover the next level of mental and emotional maturity

  • Learn tools for conscious communication and expression

  • A chance to rediscover who you are and your purpose 

  • A chance to get away and step aside from all the hustle and bustle of daily life

  • Learn tools for managing stress, conscious nutrition and self-regulation

  • An opportunity to learn and ask for guidance and feminine support

  • Experience a sacred space of deep connections, love, healing & nourishment

Why this?

Are you a Fuck Yes to this Initiation?

Arrival, Location & Price, Accommodations

The opening ceremony will begin

11:11 am Friday June 17th

& End Sunday night with a celebration and Initiation ceremony


Departure Monday morning

Please plan to arrive and leave accordingly


Nearby airports Miami(MIA) or Fort Lauderdale(FLL) 

Car parking will be available for those driving


Each guest will have an individual sleeping bed in a shared room. Including all meals & activities. You will be staying in a private luxury home on a lake. House features private lake access with kayaks, pool, firepit, game room and private garden. 


Price ~ Energetic exchange=Investment in Yourself

We are offering a sliding scale rate of $3333-$5555 depending on your ability.


Please consider the donation made as an investment in yourself and your growth which honors the powerful and valuable impact that the retreat will make on your life. 


Payments can be made via Credit Card, Venmo, CashApp, Zelle or Bitcoin/ETH. A payment link will be emailed once we speak on the  phone and confirm you're a full FuckYes to this!

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