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What is Sexual Liberation?

Recently someone said to me "Sex isn't everything" as we discussed relationships and my passion for quality sex life.

Hmm, I thought, am I wrong?

Is my desire to experience pleasure, passion, connection, and frequent physical intimacy too much to ask for? Of course, I also had to leverage where the person was coming from at me with such a statement, and then it all made sense, he hasn't felt what I've felt. So he can't know.

Besides what guy denies himself a fulfilling sex life AND a loving relationship and says "Sex isn't everything". I say a wounded and disconnected one. Most men have yet to understand what does it mean to enter through the Gates of Heaven together with your lover. Once there, your exploration of God can begin.

Although sex isn't everything, it is a HUGE part of a healthy romantic partnership. In fact, I believe that sex is a reflection of your love and the quality of your dynamic.

Sexual Liberation to me is an awareness of SELF as a Human Being embodied and incarnated to experience all things HUMAN BODY can! And sex is one of the most beautiful magical and mystical experiences that we can experience together with one another.

This Liberation begins in the mind, by clearing out the conditioning and feelings of shame, guilt, and fear associated with receiving and giving pleasure, as well as physically by connecting to our bodies in a new slow, mindful and sensual way. My physicality is an active part of my identity and I am finally paying attention to it, rather than dismissing it out of hand for the ‘superiority’ of the mind. The mind is a powerful thing, but living entirely in one’s head is also dangerous. Our true self is something that I think can only really be understood and explored if we are balanced in both mind and body.

That's why sexual liberation is part of a spiritual journey and awakening into our true selves. It's about the integration of the mind and body and connecting both with Spirit.

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