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What is "Holding Space"

Holding space requires us to step fully into Being when everything inside of us tell us we should be Doing.

Space holding doesn’t mean taking responsibility for the internal world of another.

It’s never our job to fix another person’s feelings, or to expect someone else can fix ours.

Holding space isn’t saying all the right things… it isn’t doing much of anything really.

Holding space is the art of “being with” someone’s pain and allowing them to have their experience without making it about ourselves.

Holding space is the quiet, powerful force of present loving connection.

Holding space is an “I Love you and I’m not going anywhere” while you process this emotion.

Holding space is patience and eye-contact when someone is scared or overwhelmed by their own feelings.

Presence without judgement, a hug, non-reactivity, learning not to take things personally or trying to save someone from their feelings are all profound acts of space holding.

Our pain and our grief deserve equal seats at the table as our sparkle and our joy.

Blocks only occur when we try turning off the tap. And as we learn to let our feelings in, we learn to let them go just as freely.

In a culture where we shame negative feelings and pedestal the light, we risk isolating ourselves from others when we really need love and support.

Relationships are deepened through vulnerability and the courage to let another in when you’re hurting.

Closeness comes from seeing someone in their darkest moments and reminding them they’re loved exactly as they are.


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