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Uninitiated Men

A Great Man Craves

a “Great Woman”.

A deep woman

Who Knows &

Loves herself!

Ladies ~Stop Selling

Yourselves Short.

You’re hurting

both of you

You go together

to grow together:

Jung called hormones

Adaptation Energy.

Testosterone is

a Challenge Hormone.

No challenge, no change,

no growth physically, mentally, emotionally and especially spiritually. For him or you.

Men have 30 times the testosterone as women for a reason. Men are designed

by nature to Provide & Protect.

To Work because in our world you have to

& to go to War *only if an absolute must.

A better man is made up of better things within himself that don’t develop, grow or change without challenges to adapt to.

Challenge increases Testosterone.

Challenge increases HGH

Challenge increases BDNF & NGF.

Challenge increases Dopamine & Drive. Nothing Works like Work

& doing as Wisely.

The main hormones involved in masculine maturity, sexuality and drive are:

Testosterone - muscular development to work toward overcoming challenges.

Dopamine - drive, to go after.

It is not as mistaken, a reward chemical but what makes a man go after what brings the reward. It is for seeking...yes even for spiritual reward.

BDNF - Brain derived neurotropic factor. makes up new brain cells that make up new & better thoughts, feelings & behaviors/habits.

NGF - Nerve growth factor

Connects those new & better thoughts, feelings, behaviors & habits.

Men can’t just read they have

to Practice, and put in the work.

That includes training to manage stress, anger & emotions. If men don’t self-manage, self-regulate and stress out they can easily become estrogenized & feminized.

This means even if they have empathy & compassion, incredibly important qualities,

they won’t “ACT” to help.

They won’t Do!

Yet they may Act Up or Act Out

signaling there’s been trauma in their life some time somewhere.

This they must do their inner work

on for their woman and their

world - our world.

That said~

A better man requires a better woman to rewire and take him higher. Don’t settle for being less than your best, whether that means Chief Justice or Madame President, Housemaker or CEO. Even Yeshua wouldn’t have been as great as he was without

Mary of Magdalena!

Ladies, Don’t date or Mate with a man

who’s not doing his deep work. That shows you neither love yourself nor him.

Gentlemen, your purpose on Earth is greater than yourself, many of you are destined for Kingship, but without the initiation and putting in the work you’re just a Peter Pan.


Dear man,

If this message resonates and you are feeling the call to go deeper and initiate into the world of spiritual depth, emotional and mental maturity, higher-level thinking and authentic self-expression alongside other like-minded men, I then invite you to join me on a mystical journey to rediscover who you are beyond the mask you've created for yourself.

In June I am hosting a very first in-person intimate retreat experience in North Miami to the Warriors who are ready to level up and step deeper into their authentic path of truth, love, and purpose. Please fill out this application for consideration: .

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