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So you want a Tantric Partner?

I get messages from potential clients saying "I want to do Tantra but I don't have a partner". Enquiring if I can be that for them.

I don't do Tantra with my clients, I guide them to doing Tantra with themselves, through a Ritual and Tantric bodywork. I'm a Tantra/Sacred Sexuality teacher, and an energy healer, there is a huge difference in being that and a Tantra partner for someone.

Here is why...from my perspective.

To enter into the depths of Tantric realms and experience that kind of Soul-to-Soul energetic connection there needs to be an established container of trust, comfort and a good level of emotional vulnerability. Its a practice of opening up, and expanding together.

Such states are not accessed in a casual arrangement or a one-time meeting.

I had to pave the way for this work and really understand what it is for me and how I want to show up as a leader in the field. There are many 'practitioners' out there who claim to offer Tantra, when in reality they are escorts who'll tickle your hair and offer you a minute of soul-gazing followed by..... Which too is great, however, it isn't what Tantric practice is about. So I had to re-educate a lot of my clients and set some things straight.

Tantra is an ancient Sacred path, it came before any yogas did and it was originally designed as a path towards enlightenment, it had nothing to do with s.ex, massage or anything that nowadays most people associate with 'Tantra'.

Before I met my Tantric partner, I was well doing it on my own. The first time I accessed a state of full-body orgasmic waves, I was alone. It was powerful. I then knew what my energy felt like, I knew how to activate it, move it, and use it creatively. I didn't begin doing hands-on Tantric bodywork until a year later once I build upon and expanded myself enough to serve others without draining myself.

Energetically it's a powerful space and exchange, and when done incorrectly can cause a lot of harm - think of demonic attachments that feed off lust and pure sexual desires, which can leave one confused, cranky, tired, anxious etc...


Tantra can be many things to different people. One thing I know for sure, is that when practiced in a loving, safe and intimate container with a beloved, it can invite potent Source derived magnetic force into all areas of your life. Your state of consciousness begins to rise, you get clarity, a sense of purpose, you become full of vitality, your love deepens and life unfolds in miraculous ways.

But before all of that.... you need to learn to connect to your own Source within! And that is why I love my work, because I get to take my clients on that journey, deep within, through their body, out of their mind and into states of Bliss and surrender.

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