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Sexual Energy

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Your sexual energy is the most potent & powerful energy You got!

It is like a wild dragon.

When unconscious & misused

it will blow fire all over everything in your life & wreak havoc.

You will feel scattered, low energy, all over the place, give your power over to others because you don't know how to own your own power, it will be difficult to manifest & get your visions out of the clouds.

However, when conscious & channeled, it is the force behind everything you do.

You begin to ride the dragon & harness its power in the direction you feel best.

It is the rocket fuel that ignites the spark of creation & creativity.

It is the source of vitality & wellspring of energy.

When you learn how to circulate & channel this energy within your body - you are a sovereign being.

For you aren't seeking external validation any longer.

Your power is sourced from within.

No longer do you need someone outside of you to validate every opinion / knowing you have.

Not the governments, the religions, the parents, the gurus.

No one outside overrides your inner knowing.

You trust your intuition above anyone else's.

and that is the path to mastery!


I offer 1:1 guidance to get you connected to your sacred sexual fountain and I teach you how to clear your body and direct your life force toward the manifestation of your goals and desires.

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