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Sex Rant

Just because you have a penis and you can put it in and pound for 10 minutes, does not mean your woman is enjoying it.

Chances are - she’s not. And your marriage or relationship is slowly failing.

I believe that great sex is a reflection of a great relationship.

Our sexuality, our second Sacral chakra is a space of connection, and where many couples create strong energetic cords.

Healthy sexual connection = healthy emotional/spiritual connection.

When couples don't connect sexually, eventually emotional connection fades and with time you become roommates/friends and it's hard to want to be intimate.

Much can be said about power dynamics and polarity play when it comes to disharmonious relationships but here I will focus on sharing pillars of how to start embodying a sacred attitude towards you as a Lover.

As it is important to take ownership of you're sexuality and become an empowered and educated Divine Man.

My philosophy and teachings touch into the subtle realms of connection: emotional, mental, energetic/spiritual. I have had energetic full-body orgasms and I am determined to support people in also experiencing that! And in order to go there, we have to get out of our heads and start FEELING. Everything is about feeling and tuning into your senses to let the magic unfold.

The truth is no one can teach you how to be a good lover. One can only share tools and paint a foundation, the rest is about surrendering to the flow of energies that will arise with that individual and allowing the natural flow of desire and love to guide you.

Below are important pillars of being a Tantric Lover for men that I have put together, to inspire you to consider new concepts:


~ The Divine Masculine embodies your inner protector, warrior, strength, decisiveness. She wants to feel you strong and feel safe in your energy and presence. Are you grounded in who you are? Do you know your mission and purpose in life?


~ Her body can feel your thoughts/intentions. Are they pure? Or are they self-serving?


~ Are you devoted to love or to lust?

Can you devote to her pleasure and serving her as you'd serve the cosmic womb of creation?


~ Can you feel her pain and hold her safe through her emotions? Can you understand that she experiences the world completely differently and to accept her in her magic and raw self?


~ Know her anatomy and how female pleasure works. She is not YOU! Understand that penetration is not just of the genital, think emotional, energetic, chakra awakening ( I teach this in my 1:1 sessions )


~ Conscious lovemaking is an Art. It's an act of devotion of surrender to God. Not every time needs to be a grandiosen sexual celebration ritual, but every act can be devoted to Love/God/Consciousness.

Sex that is intended for personal gratification, in lust and disconnected energies is not safe. It creates energetic cords, murky and static energy. That is felt (especially by conscious women)

The depth and intensity of your penetration is too important, although that will be up for the next blog!

May you sleep on these ideas, as your mind slowly opens to the Sacred ~ that is calling you!

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