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SEX-less Marriage | Tantra For Couples

"Experts define sexless marriages as the couple having sex less than ten times per year." (Psychology Today)

I personally defined it as having sex less than twice a month, buts that's me!

Let's get honest here, how many of you have experienced that?

Or know someone who is experiencing that?

Or maybe this is you right now?

Sex is a powerful thing.

I believe it is a crucial aspect of a healthy and balanced relationship.

Beyond sex, there is intimacy, with deeper intimacy we can experience better sex.

But what happens if you've been married 5-10-15-20 years and "Things aren't the same anymore?"

Following are few of the reasons for sexless marriages:

- Difference in Libido/Low sex drive

- Communication issues

- Childbirth/Menapause

- Health issues/drug side effects

- Emotional Trauma/resentments

For some sex, itself is a painful/anxious act. Without proper education, tools, trust and connection, many people do not even experience pleasurable intercourse. Both men and women. However, I personally see this being more common with women, to experience pain during sex. Men more frequently deal with emotions of fear, shame and anxiety around their ability to performance, and satisfy their partner.

And this is why I am loving the wave of Sexual Awakening, Holistic and Conscious sexuality education because it is giving us an insider look on this juicy topic that we all want to know more about -Sex! And so not having a healthy sexual relationship with your beloved is an Issue and should be approached with love, respect, curiosity and play!

Because if left unresolved, your primal basic needs are not getting met, and long-term that creates resentment, guilt, anger and frustration which all affects the relationship.

Good thing, there is a way to heal. And that begins with yourself.

And your relationships to YOUR sexuality and pleasure. Sex is alchemy, it has a multi-dimensional way of healing and activating. Wouldn't you want to experience Sacred Sex?

Deep, Nourishing, Connected, Intimate sex?

The path to healing asks both individuals to come to understand the other.

To own up to their truth and emotions that have caused a disconnect;


Relationships ARE WORK, and are a direct reflection of YOU and your devotion to Love.

What are you denying yourself?

What are you afraid of?

And what is this situation is teaching you about yourself?

If you desire to rekindle the romance and re-ignite the Flame of Love then I invite you and your beloved to my Tantric Ritual for Couples.

If you have been thinking about bringing Tantra into your relationship, then I might be your perfect Pleasure & Tantra Guide.

I am calling in my soulmate clients! Those individuals who are ready for the magic, healing and transformation. Those with open-minds and open hearts, craving for more connection, play, love and fun!

My work with couples is designed with an intention of creating a 3hr multi-dimensional immersion that will bring knowledge, healing, tools and deeper connection into your relationship!

I teach men and women about pleasure, Tantra practices, sacred sexuality, and share powerful tools for you to bring back home and implement into your daily life.

With my initiative ability to see through the fears and shadows of the issues, I call things out and help you re-structure the patterns. I don't just teach you, I guide you, and show you. Each couple's ritual is unique and magical,

I pride myself on my ability to hold a beautiful sacred space, high level of professionalism, and act as a neutral mediator during conflict resolution.

If in-person sessions are out of reach I offer laser-focused guidance sessions over Zoom for men, women, and couples!

Contact me to set up your intro call!

With love,

Alaya Moon

Sexualiy and Emotions

It's important for us to understand sexuality and how it is linked to our emotions.

Without emotions, women especially will not enjoy physical intimacy,

and interestingly, for most men to get deeper into emotions they need sex.

And so here we are standing at the opposite pole by the door, and no one comes.

Noone taught us.

If you are in a sexless

men will find a way to fill their needs, and a small percentage will suffer in silence.

Men that don't cheat are usually those with a connection to God.

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