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Greetings lovers and friends, since my return from the underworld of Shamanic Breathwork initiation in Mexico, I have been hard at work with my co-Goddess Angie Rainbow G setting the foundation for our faith-based organization Tantric Ministry!

As an ordained Minister I feel a deep responsibility to move with faith, grace, and love as we traverse the unknown realms of this new path and allow God to reveal the purpose that's beneath our co-creation.

For those who are new to my work, I have been a Dakini over the last 3 years working out of my Fort Lauderdale Temple. I birthed Sacred Muse Tantra to bring conscious s.exuality education and facilitate healing through Tantric touch into the hungry and not-so-conscious realm of s.ex work. I saw a big need to reunite humans with a sacred outlook on our body, experiencing pleasure and practicing healthy and mindful s.exuality.

There are a lot of myths about Tantra as most people think it's all about s.exual gratification, but Tantra is much deeper, & much bigger than most care to understand. Tantra can touch every aspect of your life & transform you from the inside out. At the root, Tantra is about experiencing a deep connection & divinity between all things and most importantly our relationships, this path teaches you to release intimacy blocks, guilt and shame and calls you into the full present of your authentic self.

If you’re operating mostly out of your head and are not able to fine-tune the sensations within and without your body tempe, then you won't be present as you try to connect or be intimate with another.

If you are curious as to what this Tantric path is all about - you are in the right place!

On November 12th we will be hosting our first event on the waters of Miami bay in collaboration with Hip Tantra community as we set out on a Tantric Day Sail Celebration as we will bring our gifts, teachings, and experiences to our attendees as we dive deep into the pleasures of royal play and water adventures!

⭒ This is a perfect event for couples looking to explore Tantric space within a conscious community.

⭒ And for singles who are looking to learn, play and practice connection & self-expression.

Your time will be spent in a warm, safe, and relaxing setting as we sail through Miami bay turquoise waters. This event is for singles and couples who want to explore freedom of expression, Tantric Intimacy, sensual touch & conscious adult play.

This is an exclusive event for open-minded, mature, and health-conscious adults.

During this event you have an opportunity to explore:

- Tantric connection & communication skills

- Conscious touch & massage teachings

- Practice Acro, Thai, & Aerial Yoga

- Enjoy home-cooked delights

- Bond, connect, swim and spend time with community

- Relax as we sail & meditate on the sunset

This is your chance to experience true body-mind freedom, as all of you will be welcomed, loved, and accepted!

Saturday November 12, 2022

12 Day-sail guests 10pm-6pm

+ overnight VIP overnight stay for 3 couples 7pm-next morning

Day sail for one $333

Day sail for two $555

Day sail + overnight for two $999

To Make female to male ratio more equal;

if you're a male & feel inspired to sponsor a female attendees we can make the invitation for you.

For booking and questions please message 321-236-0652

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