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Sensual Living

Sensuality begins in the Mind.

And can extend into every aspect of your life.

Sensuality is presence. Softness.

Grace and tender care.

It’s the extra moment you take to give more of yourself to the experience.

Sensuality is the fullest enjoyment of all things. Living fully through our senses; sights, smell, hearing, tasting and feeling Life, what I also call living a Tantric Life.

How can you tune into your senses more? Many people confuse it with s€xuality, but they are not the same. S€xuality can be sensual. Yet sensuality doesn’t have to be.

Sensuality requires one to being in the present moment. Often, we can get caught up thinking about what is to come, the future, or what has already happened, the past.

Building an intimate relationship with yourself starts with understanding sensuality is bigger than a physical experience in our bodies. It is also an innate connection with emotion and desire.

You don’t need to be taught to be sensual. Sensuality lives in the slowness, in the inner listening. We generally think of the body as something to push, to shape, to overcome, rather than something we listen to. Every moment is an opportunity to experience the sensual and deepen the intimate relationship we have with ourselves. These moments can be things like savoring the texture of the air, noticing the sensation as it enters your body, feeling the texture of grass against your bare feet, or absorbing an intimate hug from a friend or lover.

~ Find three ways you can be sensual today.

Email me or send me a message on IG and let me know what you did.

Lets talk about it - Sex.Love.Tantra.

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