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Men - Listen Up

"The world needs Men.

Men in their Power.

Men in their Heart.

Men who are Grounded.

Men who deliver Truth.

Men who Protect.

Men who serve a Noble Mission.

(And there is only ONE noble mission, though it takes many forms, and that is Love).

Men who have done Work. And who continue to do Work.

Men who live On Purpose.

Men who Lean In.

Men who Face Forward.

Men who aren't afraid to Cry, but do not leak.

Men who aren't afraid to Fight, but only for, never against.

Men who aren't afraid to Feel.

Men who's Presence can be Felt.

Men who can Create, Soothe, Provide, Arouse, Build and Destroy, all with the same hands, and who know how to discern when which is needed.

We are at War.

With injustice.

With decay.

With inequity.

With confusion.

With sloth.

With apathy.

With ignorance.

With fear.

With fascism.

With oppression.

With deceit.

With disconnection.

With distraction.

With division.

With greed.

With toxification of mind, body, soul, and planet.

The world needs MEN.

To lead.

To stand up.

To defend.

To heal.

To unite.

To reconnect.

To uplift the Feminine.

To transform.

To shepherd in the New Earth.

The World Needs Men."

Written by:

~ Segev Perets

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