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Feminine Cravings

She craves it more than he knows.

A longing to be taken, hidden by a guarded heart.

She wants him, and she wishes he knew how badly.

But how can she tell him?

How can she be happy with a 'taking' that feels instructed and mechanical?

She wishes he just knew.

If only he just listened.

But what is he supposed to listen for, if not her direct guidance?

It's the unlikely comments that scream 'notice me' the loudest The comments that sound like nagging

The ones that feel like a jab at his character

The small actions that feel like rejection to him, not love

Funny enough, that is where he can hear her deepest cry for his attention.

The divine feminine craves to be ravished

But she won't accept just anything

So if she feels him out of his power,

If she sees him 'giving up' when she hopes he'll stand, That is when her burning desires go to hide

But when he is in his power..

She can feel that.

She craves that.

She wants to open to that.

When the nagging is met with presence rather than defense, When the criticism is met with curiosity rather than offense, When he shows her that she is safe with him, by holding his heart open for her, even when she seeks out chaos,

He shows her 'I'm here. I've got you. I've got us.'

That's when she surrenders to the gift of his penetration.

That's when she asks to please, and be pleased.

That's when the most sacred part of her has permission to be fully expressed.

Her p*ssy is craving him,

But her heart holds the gate key.

When he truly learns this,

Her turn on will never be a mystery again.

She has needs too, and when they're met..

.. he & she both get to live the magic of the limitless Love!

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