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Don’t listen to your mind.

The mind can be a real impediment to Tantra; considering that it is so useful and necessary for certain things, it is a real nuisance in the field of meditation and personal transformation.

The mind can censor emotions and feelings, so you run the risk of being dissatisfied and repressed. The rigid and repressive ideas of the mind can block the body. Nakedness for example can be seen by the mind as something abnormal or uncomfortable. The mind speculates, the heart delivers.

Do not forget that the Tantric road begins with the body and the heart bypassing the mind. Tantra is a path towards innocence, wisdom, and trust, and all pass through the open heart and not the maze of the mind.

To drop into your heart: take a few deep breaths, place your hands over your chest and tune into the beat of your heart. Feel stillness and connection as your breath. Visualize green light starting to pulsate out of your chest, expanding with each breath.

To all my clients who are new to this, my advice is to begin meditating.

Find whatever way you can disconnect and just BE! In stillness, silence, no thoughts, no stories. Just you, your breath, and your awareness.

From there you can begin to connect to the body!

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