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Benefits of Tantric Bodywork

With roots based in ancient therapy yet with a modern twist, Tantric massage enables you to connect with your body and inner self in a more spiritual and conscious way, making relaxation, tranquillity and full-body bliss as the ultimate destination!

Beyond the physical enjoyment and benefits, this work also helps one to tap into the psychological and energetic realms, where clearing and healing can take place touching on deeper subconscious fears, pains, patterns, and traumas. This is energetic healing work and will shift and bring a new awakening and self-realizations to anyone who experiences it.

Tantric massage is a full-body massage that awakens sexual energy in the receiver and then consciously moves that energy around the body, it is a beautiful way to experience the tantric approach, where it is not about the goal or outcome, but about every moment of sensation and pleasure on the way. Because of the level of relaxation that the receiver is able to fall into, as sexual energy builds it isn’t forced out of the body in a brief climax, but is able to move around the body potentially growing into incredible, full-bodied orgasms. When conscious breathing is added, the level of energy increases, and the experience is further heightened!

Tantra can be very effective for the following conditions :

  • Emotional or stress-related issues

  • Body aches

  • Insomnia

  • Past emotional or sexual traumas

  • Painful intercourse

  • Loss of interest in sex

  • Difficulty to orgasm

  • Male sexual dysfunctions

  • Difficulty to fully let go during lovemaking

  • Depression/Anxiety

  • Imbalances in relationship with others

  • Insecurity / difficulty to trust

  • Inability to speak your truth

  • Feeling spiritually heavy

  • Lack of creativity and clarity

Benefits vary with each client, their desires, and intentions. Tantra works uniquely with men and women, to get more details on your specific session please see my other blog titled Yoni and Lingam Massage

Specific Benefits:

  • Promotes full-body healing by releasing stress

  • Increased ability to relate to emotions and sexuality in a healthy way

  • Increased connection to your feminine/masculine energies

  • Increased feeling of being at home in your body, emotions, and sexuality

  • Increased ability to receive and give love, both to yourself and others

  • Increased ability to connect to yourself and others in meaningful ways

  • Release of emotional tensions, traumas and dysfunctions

  • Release of sexual tensions, traumas and dysfunctions

  • Increased ability to experience joy, connection, love and pleasure

  • Improves sexual awareness, stamina and sensitivity

  • Increased ability to experience deeper orgasms / female ejaculation

I see Tantra as a holistic healing practice that focuses on the whole person. It is a beautiful way to explore yourself, get to know your body, your pleasure, your pains, your desires, your fears, and all in between. When facilitated correctly it becomes a spiritual experience, something tangible and felt. Magic revealed!

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