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Ancient Lovers

I tried I really did

Gifting him best parts of me

The housewife in the kitchen

And divine whore in the bedroom

Sacred mother of his heart & mission protection

With fierce truth in my longing expressions.

He saw me, he loved me and he still does

He couldn't give me what I wanted so he retrieved back,

Back to a karmic five-year cycle

Now with a toxic baby momma

Who is turning his heaven on earth into a frightening 

Reality that he didnt see coming

Using his baby as ammunition 

With control, manipulation into a fearful season 

I pray for him from a distance in ethers

Where our love stands through infinite battles

She feels something off and offers resistance 

Suppression, aggression, you have no assistance.

I pray for your peace and acceptance

Of your chosen path and freedom of existence 

I know you are strong, courageous, and smart 

You’ve paved your own sacred path,

I'm sorry you’re midst of hellish wrath 

I wrap my energetic arms and give you a loving hug

Im here for you when the waters calm down

When you remember who you are

And return to your crown.

For our connection is eternally bound.

I'm here for you -- you know where I can be found. 

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