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Permission to Enter

Men, do you ever ask your woman if she is ready to be penetrated? Or do you assume that she is and shove yourself in...

Women - do you know when you are ready for penetration? Or do you just go along with it and take him uncomfortably in...

In the majority of cases, women are never asked and men don't know.

They don't know that Yoni (female genitalia) has a mind of her own. That it takes artful skills, time and patience to warm her up and juice her up enough so she feels ready and open to be filled.

Hint hint: its more than 3 neck kisses and a nipple pinch -

and even if she is wet, that doesn't mean she is ready for YOU!

Wetness and desire for penetration aren't synonymous.

Another question is - Men what are you filling your woman with? Because unless your intentions are pure and mindfully considered, you're most likely going in there to self-serve.

To release your own weight, trauma, and frustration. You pound all that in and her sacred temple holds it. Check out "Energetics of Casual Sex" for a complimentary follow-up.

Conscious and sacred sexuality takes place on a different levels of awareness. Intention. Communication. Devotion & a lot of damn LOVE!

Hell yes you should ask if she is ready to be penetrated, maybe right now it doesn't feel as 'kool' to say that, but trust me its beyond kool, its fucking sacred!

And the amount of trust and safety it creates for her is enormous.

Asking your woman if she is ready to receive you is an act of devotion & respect. But hey - if you're still an fuckboi this won't resonate, and you'll continue to unconsciously violate women without knowing.

Women - you need to own your NO and understand your arousal! What turns you on, how do you like to be kissed, caressed, touched & when penetration is appropriate.

Also just because things are hot and steamy, doesn't mean you need to lay with this man if his deeper intentions are not in alignment. Its okay to make out and leave it at that... women have ages of programming to be a good girl, and men-please, its time we stop and honor what WE WANT and HOW we want it!

Besides - WHO is this man? Do you see a future with him? Is he in devotion to love or his ego? What is he bringing to you? Do you feel safe around him? Is he loving you and filling you up with goodness, healing and joy or is he serving his own ego desires and your Yoni is simply a tool for his pleasure...

All the things to consider, as our sexuality is too transforming, and we crave depth, connection, vulnerability, and authenticity!

If you care to get educated on these realms I highly recommend you attend ISTA training, otherwise, without a foundation of these principles, it's like the blind leading the blind.

Unhealthy sexuality perpetuates trauma, and we got enough of that already.


Ready to level up and immerse yourself on a journey with me?

June 2022 RETREAT is open for application START HERE!

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