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It’s a Lonely Road, Come Home

It’s a lonely road.

I’m tired.

I’m tired of being patient

For the Knights to turn to Kings

And help save our nations

It’s frustrating feeling that I’m acting like a man

Seeing my momma still work hard everyday

Because these modern day men

can’t hold their backs properly straight

Take responsibility and hold on to your fate

It’s time to level up and get your priorities straight

Yes - i know it’s scary to feel the depth of the unfulfilled weight - it’s time to create! 

I feel it too and I’m scared,

In times of depression — I feel all the suppression

Social media scrolling turns on demonic possession. Addictions. Indulgence. Obsession.

With so many followers but who actually cares?

I’m here for ascension.

All these mantras and prayers for our protection

I’m healing all day long with no vacation

Cannabis saves the days when I lack deep connection.

Where are you?

I’m tired of waiting

I want daily affection and words of affirmations

Morning coffee and sexy kitchen exchanges. I want to feel you in the space and know that you’re here to stay.

I want kisses on my back and tight cuddle squeezes every night.

I wanna feel safe and cared for

I want you to love all of me, including the Holy Whore.

They say don’t wait, surrender and trust, I fckin know stop preaching your crap

Please hold space for these feelings washing over me, as I celebrate another layer of my healing complete.

Yes I know I’m the one I’ve been waiting for,

I know who I am — and I’m ready for more

I know Im an incredible lover & friend but alone will I transcend? This world is dense.

And let me be real and say, dildos & toys can’t fill me the whole way, it’s your magical touch that I crave

You are a divine reflection penetrating me with deep intention knowing you and I are a cosmic blend designed for spiritual ascension.

My Yoni the portal of creation is pulsing at such potent vibrations - the earning to be filled by you is expanding my illumination.

And yes I Am ~ a benevolent Queen rescuing bees, singing to trees, living in flow, grace and ease but it’s not as simple as some may please.

Im tired of carrying the weight of this world, holding the light and this torch for us all, and worst — is the loneliness that I hide deep in my heart all alone.

I need you next to me in your throne.

Im tired of waiting,

It’s time to come home.


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Kismet Bayshore
Kismet Bayshore
Jul 18, 2022

such soulful words...

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