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I Love It When

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

I love it when he ravishes me

with his love,

his body

and his Soul.

From the tips on my toes, all the way to the edge of my head.

Slow, mindful, sensual strokes glazing along my shivering body.

I love it when he ravishes me.

With his presence, patience and deliverance.

Listening to my every breath, noticing my slightest move and quiver.

I love it when I can feel the warmth and softness of his voluptuous lips kissing every inch of my body. Awakening me deeper into the erotic realms of feeling myself.

I love it when I can fully surrender.

In my body and in my mind.

Letting go of all thoughts, worries, and concerns as he holds be steady in his warm delight.

I love it when he awakens me with his breath, as my body starts to swirl under his touch.

I love it when he holds me firmly. Wrapping me with his masculine force.

Paying attention to my inner being as she deeply melts to his submission.

I love it when I can just be.

Fully in my raw, primal state of wild, feeling fully into the Feminine expression.

I love it when he ravishes me, as that only makes me want him more and devote myself deeper to his love.

I love being devoted with my heart, my body and my Soul;

To a man that is present, patient and deliberate.

One who seeks nothing from me yet gives me everything.

I love to ravish him

with all my love,

my body

and my Soul.

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