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Each session with Alaya is an intimate, delightful, euphoric and sensual journey into yourself.
You will be held in a sacred container where you can fully surrender, let go and fully receive gifts of the Goddess. All bodywork sessions are receiving only and are not mutually interactive.
As a healer and your guide, she will share touch, energy, sound, breath, tips, tools, and full Divine presence. Alaya will infuse her passionate love for life into every moment to liberate your natural state of vibrancy, intimacy, and ecstasy!
After each session, you will feel nourished, lavished and brought back to your natural state of peace, balance, and joy; a place from which ultimate wellness can flourish! 

New Client Initiation

Every new client is required to go through the initiation process as their welcome into the Sacred Muse Healing Arts Temple before becoming VIP.


This is a minimum of a 2-hour Enchanting Tantric Ritual session which will introduce you into the world of Tantra, Sacred Ritual and intention behind this work.



Treats for my VIP tribe:

Image by Dainis Graveris


1.5 HOURs

Refresh yourself in this sensual and relaxing Nurturing & Sexy Nuru immersion.




Diving into Tantric Play & Ritual exploration as we are building on your spiritual journey.


Deep Surrender


Extended Enchanting Tantric immersion with few extra bonuses + coaching.


Other Offerings

Tantra for Couples



A special treat for you and your beloved to explore the realms of Tantric love & connection guided by The Muse herself. You will rekindle the attraction, feel more intimacy and fall in love again, all while learning and experiencing new tools and suggestions for an extraordinary life!


As your guide, I will take you and your partner into a Tantric Puja (a devotional ceremony). We will open with a conversation to set boundaries, discuss desires, concerns and bring a sacred intention to our time together. I will teach you the foundation of Tantra and how you can incorporate that into your daily life. Following I’ll guide you into a series of exercises and practices that will awaken your connection and bring a space of loving vulnerability. I will hold both of you in a sacred, safe container and will navigate you through any challenges. This time offers you an opportunity to experience a four-handed Tantric massage, you will learn secrets to erogenous zones, erotic whispering, Tantric kissing, YabYum Chakra alignment, Lingam and Yoni worship and much more.


This is a customizable session for you and your beloved. I will be providing all the play tools, props and ritual elements. Please contact me to discuss your personal goals and desires.

Conscious Sexuality Education  

& Tantra Coaching

Video or Audio Calls


Energy Healing

& Touch Therapy

This transformational session integrates a variety of healing arts practices including energy work, reiki, white tantra, crystal healing, therapeutic touch, breath-work, sensual platonic cuddling, compassionate communication, meditation and a variety of somatic and conscious connection and consent practices. Sessions can be deeply relaxing, restorative, playful, soothing, healing, grounding and nourishing.

Single session:


Erotic Meditation & Mindful Self-Pleasure

A guided practice for activating awareness & presence through intention, visualization, mindfulness, deep breathing and conscious touch. This is either a video/call session.


Evening Musings

I invite you into my Temple for an evening of depth filled conversations, as I take you deep on a journey of topics on spirituality, sexuality, tantra, wellness, philosophy, cosmos, dimensions, the matrix...this is your opportunity to get guidance on aspects of your life you want improvement on. I will share my presence, voice, and wisdom as l offer you Geisha inspired tea ceremony.

This experience includes a 45min Thai Yoga Bodywork session (if desired) and options for crystal sound bowl healing and guided breathwork techniques. I can also customize this time on your personal needs and desires for something particular. You will leave feeling rejuvenated, inspired, balanced and nourished.


​3 hours in-person session in Fort Lauderdale offered weeknights 7-10pm only.

Please book in advance as this takes some prepping on my end. Thank you and I look forward to sharing my magic with you.

This session is infused with the energy of sensual creativity, conscious entertainment, & spiritual healing for your Mind - Body -Soul.  It's a re-treat for your Soul!

See you soon!


DISCLAIMER: Please notice that even though there are many beneficial and curative effects of a Tantric bodywork within all aspects of life, it cannot replace medical treatment, and if you have physical or psychic problems I strongly recommend that you consult a doctor and follow his/her instructions. I also, require that you inform me about any such issue prior to your session. I also draw your attention to the fact that I cannot be held responsible if you choose not to consult a doctor or choose not to follow his/her instructions.

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